Show & Tell: Modern Earring Findings and Bead Frames

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn about the variety of modern and fresh earring findings and bead frames available at Also see examples of how to use them and learn all about their styles, finishes, and sizes. Be inspired!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with so these are all really modern and fresh we have quite a few to go over so I'm just gonna start in right away up here and this is a nice slim dagger shape and if you notice the back there is a little hidden loop and it is an open loop meaning you could open it and close it just like a jump ring and it was also available in a silver plate then we have this wonderful teardrop shape is an inverted teardrop so it is what you might consider like an upside down to your drop it also has that loop again in a gold plate and a silver plate nice classic heart this too has a little loop on the back and then this kite shape which is really fun very modern with that little loop now these ones here do not come with earring backs but we do have quite a few choices for you over at we have these bullet clutches we have the bullet clutch with the back and we also have these ear nuts and then here's a couple examples of some projects that the designers here have done Katmai this little earring using some gemstone chain a little charm and then that nice slim dagger shape and then I made these guys which are really kind of fun and summery and I just really want to wear them because they make just the ever-so-slight of a sound but they are just a bunch of little wire wrapped bicone beads and this lovely Swarovski pair and I did I just hung all of this from that little loop and got some bigger jump rings under all of this but that loop made it very easy to use this earring finding then if we look up here we're gonna kinda gonna take a shift from these wonderful shiny pieces to some matte ones these are matte gold tone and matte silver tone they almost have a satin finish to them if you look at it it's just a nice shimmer so it does reflect the light a little bit it's very subtle it's just a really nice classic look you know these guys up here we've got the rectangles we have the triangles we have the sir goals we got these little hexagon shapes these do not have a loop and they don't have a jump ring or anything already attached but you can easily attach a jump ring like Kat has done right here so that was a really simple application for them you can of course also do some wire wrapping and what's nice as these guys also do come with their backs which match their metal finish as well and then finally what I want to show you are these bead frames so bead frames are really great they're a nice classic item but sometimes it's hard to find them that are just really done this well I think these are just so perfectly scaled to beads I love them so if we look at this one here this is a round one and it fits an 8 millimeter round bead and you see there's a hole on one side and it goes all the way through to the other side and what you're going to do is you're going to take your bead now you can do anywhere up to 8 millimeters so it doesn't have to be 8 millimeters you're gonna put it on to your head pin or your eye pin and then you're just going to slip it through the hole on the other side and now it is trapped and here Kat our designer she made a nice wrapped wire loop and then just hung it from an earring hook now I did something a little bit different with these rectangular ones I chose to go ahead and trap some bicone so I've got some 5 millimeter bicones in there and so I just went through that base hole and then I added a bead actually added five beads to get to the length that I wanted I could have also added up to a six millimeter round which is what I have right here and then you're just going to again stretch it across until it comes out that top hole and then it is really secured those are not going anywhere so you'll just make a simple wire loop or a wrapped wire loop so a lot of fun pieces nice components really let yourself be creative think you know how you might want to combine these you can maybe put this really cool diamond shape with the hexagon you can pair like this nice elongated slim dagger with whatever you want you could put a big charm on the end of it you can put a big trough ski crystal some gems Jones really great components to feed your imagination now all of these are available at and we also have all of these projects written up for you as well if you want to jumping-off place to start your design I hope you enjoy the show and tell video and I hope you have a lot of fun with these new earring findings you

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