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Hi, this is Julie with Ishaan's so you can see because of that mirrored back they're super reflective so the facets really catch the light back just looks like the back of a mirror you can see so it got a nice smooth edge it is like a rough cut edge is not tapered all the way to the side but that's fine because you're going to most likely be putting these into bezel settings and so it is smooth though it's not going to hurt your finger at all so we have a nice selection of colors here you can see that they come in two different sizes the larger size is going to be 13 x 18 millimeters and the smaller is going to be 10 x 14 so we have a pretty blue got a nice aqua purple jet-black this kind of steely blue gray tone which is really pretty we have a nice emerald and also a ruby gemstone color it's a really nice color palette here oh of course with crystal and then I just want to show you one quick application for them you've probably seen these on our site these are by nunn design they are button bezels so if you want to incorporate them into a piece of jewelry or perhaps jazz up an outfit they're great for that so you would just take one of these new oval cabochon and then you would just put some perhaps e6000 glue on the back and pop them into place and just like that you have a finished button I'll show you one to here with the little gold setting and the smaller size so again really easy nice little project that you can do that's quick and easy using these very pretty mirrored back faceted glass oval captions and these are available at you

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