Show & Tell: Czech Glass Pip Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
Pip beads are a new single hole style of Czech Glass beads. They are petite in size and look much like little flower petals or leaves. The scale and shape of these beads makes them ideal for bead weaving and bead embroidery projects. Also consider them for stringing and kumihimo designs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you a new style of Czech glass bead that we just got in. These are called pip beads. They are a single hole bead. A lot of the new Czech glass beads coming out right now are two hole beads These have a single hole. We have them in a variety of bright colors and finishes want to pan the camera over them, you can then go on to our website and find out more information about them. We do have a whole range of opaque colors. You can see they're actually really quite cute, quite pretty. They'd be great for bead weaving, bead embroidery stringing projects they measure 5 millimeters at the widest point by 7 millimeters at the longest point and then their little hole will accommodate any type of cord or stringing material up to 1.2 millimeters thick A lot of different options with these. You can see now I've gotten into the transparents really pretty colors. We have some metallic finishes and then just this stunning blue tone and then we have this whole range again which glow. These are the Helio finish that you're seeing here it really just bounces the light. You see some purples, greens, blues bouncing off of these So like I said you can find all their specific information as well as purchase them at and before signing off I want to show you one quick example of these this is a bracelet which one of our designers Karlin made and she just glued these onto a premade brass cuff using E6,000 glue and you can see by arranging them into a petal shape, a flower shape, it really creates a pretty design and this was a very easy project to make so keep in mind that you can glue them, you can string them you can even do some bead crochet with them if you wanted to work, Kumihimo these are very versatile beads and because they've got that single hole you can use them just the same as you would use a lot of the other traditional shapes of Czech glass beads. Perhaps you've used small daggers in the past or rounds, bicones, anything like that you'll be able to use these in a very similar fashion because they do you just have that one single hole. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at these. They are really adorable and they're going to be a fun new style of Czech glass beads to start to work into all of your beading projects Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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