Show & Tell: Linkable Resin Cabochons

SKU VID-0674
Designer: Julie Bean
These bold and brightly colored resin cabochons feature two holes drilled opposite each other which makes them perfect for linking together or sewing onto something. The holes are also discreet enough that you can choose to just use one of the holes and leave the other one 'empty'.
Audio Transcript
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you Hi, this is Julie with cabochons i love how these look they are so sparkly and fun they're not usually my style if you've seen my videos i usually like sepia tones and steampunk and all that older vintage e stuff but i love these so they're very lightweight you'll see that they are cabochon so they're flat on one side and they are faceted and domed on the other and they are linkable which means they have a hole drilled on each end so that you can link them together or you could sew them on to bead embroidery as well so they come in a variety of shapes and sizes we have the wonderful neons which are still super trendy and so we've got nice large ovals large round some good teardrop shapes and all they're really popular neon colors a couple size of the smaller rounds and then some ovals as well so you could even do if you wanted to you could do a graduated look where you're going to link these together going from large to small maybe you want to a necklace like that and the way you're going to link them together is with a jump ring and I've gone ahead and I've made a pair or made eight year I haven't made the match yet and I've just used a jump ring so I test it out of various jump rings that we have here at to so i'm just going to put that into one of the holes you can see that's 20 gauge so it still has room to move it's not too tight but i wouldn't want to make it any tighter and then to link it just add the other one and you can do this to create earrings necklaces bracelets whatever you like and by having an eight millimeter show you at the back on this one looks like it's real pretty green by having that eight millimeter you're going to still be able to get some movement I tried it with a six millimeter and it was just a little bit too close and too tight and so you do see that I do have another hole on the other side which i also have with this earring but it's really not all that noticeable so I'm just going to leave it when you're wearing these you won't see that other hole so in addition to the neons we also have these wonderful like almost a marble crackle look to them where you see the veins in the deeper color so the back side is a much darker color and then the top side is lighter and then you can see the color seeping through so these really have a very interesting complex look to them they too are faceted so they'll catch the light as well and you can see they come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well and one thing I also want to show you is with this earring I created I didn't need to necessarily put an eight millimeter jump ring on each end I was able to just use the earring hook if you're going to do that make sure you have an earring hook that has a larger loop at the base they vary quite a bit you'll just have to look at each product description this one that has a crystal already on it which we sell at betta Holly does have a nice large loop so i was able to just put it on there without having to add a jump ring but if you did need to add a jump ring you could just add a jump ring and then add your earring hook and then one final example i want to show you before i sign off is this is the resin sugar stone is a different product that we carry but you can see is also got the two holes is flat on the back it's just these really nice lightweight pieces so this would be very similar to something like this and what one of our designers cat did was she bead embroidered bezel setting she backed it in ultra suede and then bead embroidered a bezel setting and it just looks so cool it totally changed the look of it you can do that with any one of these and that's also going to cover these holes for you if you don't want the holes to show so let's kind of a fun unique way of you know kind of thinking outside the box i'm using these in a different way so i hope it gave you some creative ideas on how to use these new linkable resin cabochons you can find them on other products on you

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