Show & Tell: Crystaletts Crystal Buttons and Spikes

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video learn about Crystaletts crystal buttons and spikes. These petite embellishments featuring Austrian crystals add a beautiful unique element to your bead weaving, chain maille, stringing, and bead embroidery projects. Also shown are micro metal studs and pearl buttons.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with coorporate into your jewelry designs i'm going to show you a few of the finished pieces or works in progress first and then show you the actual items so this is a bead woven necklace by one of our designers kat as she used the little spikes and also the little buttons which are gold plated with a crystal Center and she just actually added these to her stitch as she was weaving she didn't add them after the fact she's just incorporated them right along as she was going and they had a lot of punch to this a lot of drama really unique here's a piece of chain mail in progress she's a couple different colors of the little buttons with crystals and then she used a metal stud as well which you'll see right here very interesting look right there and this is a very simple earring but does not look simple at all elegant as can be and then on the back side you'll see it's just jump rings combined with these studs and buttons so let me start with the studs they're very petite which is fantastic they're four millimeters by six millimeters and they come in rhodium plate black rhodium plate and then gold plate over here we've got the little mini studs which are nice and round and smooth put one up on my hand it might be a little easier to see and they're in the rhodium plate as well as the gold plate over here are some pearls these are five millimeter in size you can see they've got that nice bezel setting so this little piece of wire is just how they're contained but they're all individual and loose then we've got some five millimeter crystal buttons these feature Swarovski crystals which is nice because they'll match all your other beads and pendants and then these other ones that you see here on this side which are gold plated and that I'm going to talk about in a second the other side which are rhodium plated for all three millimeters let me take this opportunity to show you what an actual individual piece looks like so here's the back side so it's a nice finished smooth back with a ring and then on the side is a bezel setting and in the center is a Swarovski crystal and these measure three millimeters this color right here is fern green crystal crystal a B sunflower light Siam let me pick this up so you can really see how it sparkles purple velvet just very rich and elegant and then jet then over on this other side which is the rhodium plated three millimeter ones we've got Krystal be a little hard to see on that white it's just a very nice crystal and then here it is incorporated in the gold over here but you could have done silver as well crystal a B now two Pink's rose and fuchsia I'm going to hold these side-by-side because they're quite similar just a little bit different so the Rose is a little bit lighter than the fuchsia if you shows a little bit more saturated then we've got purple velvet Provence lavender so pretty aquamarine Capri blue over here we have olivine sunflower light Siam Sun Black Diamond and jet a lot of different possibilities of what you can do with these consider them for bead weaving bead embroidery chainmail stringing a whole bunch of different things you can do with these even setting them down into an epoxy clay would just be beautiful you can find all of these as well as project ideas and tutorials for them at you

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