Show & Tell: ImpressArt Metal Punch Stamps

SKU VID-1005
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
View the most recent additions to Beadaholique's collection of metal stamps. These new designs allow you to personalize your designs with flags, state outlines, spiritual symbols, zodiac signs, and more.
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Hi, this is Julie with plexins at so you see we've got quite a few to cover here but before we do that I want to show you what one looks like out of the package now if you're not familiar with how to use these guys we do have a lot of videos on showing you how to do metal stamping and create custom personalized jewelry but I do want to just for purpose of this video show you the new stamps but here is what one will look like outside of the package you see it's really nice it's actually quite heavy its tempered steel so you can expect to get quite a few uses out of this guy it should actually last for years user by impress art and most the ones you see here today are going to be six millimeters so this is what a six millimeter one looks like and this particular one is the Tree of Life now in terms of if you're going to be using these you always want to make sure that the impress art logo and the little stamp image is facing you and then you'll do your stamping and that will keep these in the upright proper orientation so let me go ahead and show you what some of these look like they're really quite fun I kept them in their packaging so you can see the nice detail of the stamp so here's the actual size and here we just have a bigger representation of it so we have some flags and the diplomatic eagle a cool crown and diamond they should be really great for creating personalized jewelry pieces over here we have a dragonfly a snail fox and a bumblebee some US states the outlines of them if you want to do like a I heart New York it'd be really fun to do with a punch like that then we have the United States outline some wordings a nice casual wording up here some spiritual stamps The Tree of Life now the Tree of Life is in two different sizes we have the six millimeter which is this guy right here and then you have a really big one which is actually a nine point five millimeter a nice focal piece and then last but not least we have some metal stamps that we've been getting a lot of requests for and these here are the zodiac symbols so we've got aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces you can find all of these metal stamps many more and a lot of tutorials on how to use them incorporate them into your jewelry designs at you

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