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Hi, this is Julie with beads so i have some loose right here you can see that they have a nice rounded top and they're tapered at the bottom and they are a single hole bead i know there's a lot of - hole three hole and four hole Czech glass beads right now but these are a single hole which makes them really easy to use and incorporate into projects now before I go through all the different colors I do want to show you a project this is a kumihimo bracelet done by one of our designers Rachel and you can see how fun these mushroom beads look when used in this application so it's really nice and chunky and it really makes a statement so now let me show you the colors so we've got crystal which is just a wonderful clear crystal followed by white jet crystal Labrador so you can see this is a combination of silver and clear crystal crystal Capri gold crystal vitriol so this is really nice you see just that really intense green blue pink coming into play crystal a bee just that nice a bee shimmer on it crystal apricot crystal super it this is a really interesting color you really see a nice almost rose gold coming through here Crystal Picasso so that nice mottled look it looks really intense here against the white background matte crystal a be so nice matte color then we have jet hematite now this is an interesting color name I always like to point it out because the color name of this one is actually jet red luster to me it looks very green I actually don't see any red in it but that is the color name that the manufacturer of Sciences so I do like to point that one out jet Capri gold super pretty right here jet chrome jet vitriol jet baby so that's got that nice blue coming out jets slipper it which is more purple jet Azzurro which is more blue again a really nice intense cobalt blue coming into play there matte jet jet Picasso super pretty and then we have a couple lighter ones over here we have white terracotta blue white terracotta purple white Vega white Maria white a B so let me just give you a quick comparison right here so crystal a be white a B we've got just the white and just the crystal and then the last one in this line right here is matte white travertine blue and I do want to show you a side-by-side comparison of white travertine blue so matte white travertine blue and then white travertine blue and finally this last one over here is jet bronze so you see that in the bracelet here that Rachel did she use the jet bronze in combination with the white travertine blue so again these are called mushroom beads they are Czech glass there are a nice small little petite size and measure about five millimeters by six millimeters so they're really easy to work into your jewelry designs and you can find all of them at you

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