Show & Tell: Gold Filled Charms, Chains, and Findings

SKU VID-1400
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this Show and Tell video learn about the recent additions to Beadaholique's gold filled collection. These items include lovely charms such as elephants and stars as well as chains, noodle beads, and more. Also see some other gold filled offerings at Beadaholique and learn how to quickly make a necklace as well as a pair of earrings.
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Hi, this is Julie with i table AC we've got some lovely charms is beautiful and adorable little elephant charm and he's great on both sides a little seashell a bird a star and some other ones as well I also have some new noodle bead sizes so now if you combine it with some of our older styles you can make a wonderful graduated effect and then we have these lovely delicate chains in both 16 and 18 inches and you see just how fine of a chain that is and I particularly love this one over here and I'm gonna make a project with it at the end of this video but this little ball chain to me is just fun and whimsical yet very elegant as well now I did want to pull a couple other things that we do actually have in our current collection just to show you how well they work together so we have wonderful gold filled earring hoops different earring styles and geometric shapes and links and earring findings and then if we go over here we also have these great charms and this is just a sampling of our gold filled collection now gold filled is a really nice quality component to use in your jewelry designs and it has this wonderful warm tone I love the color of gold filled is very rich warm but soft at the same time so you might have noticed I have a couple pairs of pliers here and I want to make two really quick and easy projects using some of these components I actually have two pairs of wubbers I have the baby chain nose and I have the regular size so if you've been actually looking at wubbers this is the difference I personally love the baby size it fits really nicely in my hand but the larger size is nice as well so I mentioned this ball chain and at the moment I saw it I knew what I wanted to do I want to take the ball chain and hang this little elephant on it and what's nice is the elephant comes with a jump ring already attached so all I'm gonna need to do is take my pliers grip both sides of that jump ring twist it open loop the chain onto it and then close that jump ring right back up and I have a necklace that I personally cannot wait to wear one of my son's very first toys was a little stuffed elephant named Ellie and so I love this one I'm going to definitely be wearing that one now another thing you can do is you can take a charm and hang it on an earring finding and I'm going to hang this star charm onto this earring hoop so you see these projects are really taking me about 30 seconds each which is great if you're in a hurry or making gifts or you just want something really pretty high quality to where you don't want to take a lot of time to make so in this case I am just going to slide this charm via its loop so I took off that jump ring onto my hoop and closed my hook back up and I would just make a second one to match but that's a really fun fashionable wear with everything earring now so two quick projects made using just two pairs of pliers and the jump rings that already came with the charms and some wonderful findings and chain so all of these pieces that you see on this table as well as many more are available at you

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