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Hi, this is Kat with and dive in I'm gonna start by drawing your attention to these ones up here and these are flat as you can see but on the side they have a beautiful Stardust finish now these ones are sterling silver and these come in three sizes six seven and eight so really nice and this would be nice a little beautiful sparkle just to add to your sacking rings so we have the star destined and then we have over here we have flat rings so these are gonna be flat but in a different way they're gonna look a little bit more like a band and these are really fun they come in various different sizes in the gold-filled we have five six seven eight and nine and in the silver we have four five six seven eight and nine so these just look really fun especially if you start to put them together so we have gold filled and anti-tarnish sterling silver so really fun little flat rings and to add to your stacking we also have adjustable rings now these are gonna have that nice little spring to them and you can just kind of see as I pull it apart a little bit but the sizes for these are gonna vary a little bit so for the smallest one here it's going to vary between five to seven for the middle one it's going to be six to eight and for the largest one in here it's going to be eight to ten so again we have these in gold filled and sterling silver as well now these are really nice to try especially if you're giving a gift for someone so you can just see how flexible it is but how it also goes back to its original shape so you're gonna get a really nice little look so very fun to use and like I said if you're giving a gift and you're not quite sure her ring size this is a great little idea alright so onto these sort of flat rounded rings here I'm gonna start over here we have the old filled again and we go from sizes four five six seven eight and nine in the rose gold filled which is this beautiful rosy color I just I really love this and I love mixing metals and you can kind of see how it all come together here but in the rose gold we offer six seven eight and nine and in that anti-tarnish sterling silver we go all the way down to three four five six seven eight nine and ten so a lot of sizes in the sterling silver so the way I would want to possibly wear some of these and like I was saying if you wanted to kind of mix your metals you could do so just creating a nice little stacked look and it just sort of looks just really nice it's really delicate on the hand on the finger and you can just add them up all over the place I'm going to show you some examples of that in just a moment but just to kind of finish off the styles that we have we have cubic zirconia which has this really nice little stone in the center so really again just very very delicate and very tiny so for the gold and silver versions we have five six seven and eight and then we also have a pearl which is a freshwater cultured pearl on the gold filled and sterling silver so again we're going to have five six seven and eight so one of the things I want to point out is we also carry this ring sizer now this is a great little tool to help you find exactly the size of your ring and what's neat is it does give you half sizes now these particular rings don't come in half sizes but this is a great little tool and it's lightweight it's just a small piece of plastic just to have on hand so the way it works is you sort of loop it around and it almost kind of works like a zip tie so you just pull it to your desired size let's say I want to see if I'm a size 8 so I have the arrow pointing directly to that size 8 if I go one more little notch it'll be a seven and a half but I can then just slip it on and find my ring size now you can once it's on you can adjust it as well although I find it a little hard to pull that way so I would recommend taking it off trying to slide it one more saying okay maybe I am closer to a 7 knot seven and a half so it's just kind of a fun way to make sure that you're getting the right size ring and this is a really great tool if you do sell jewelry you can bring with you to a show and you can actually get someone's exact size or this could help them figure out their size as well to take out all the guesswork of hey here's our size seven rings or size eight and then they can sort of help to choose so just a little design tip especially if you are selling jewelry it's a great little tool to have on hand alright so let's talk about the actual trend of stacking these rings so you'll notice for a lot of them we have really tiny ones and you're probably thinking who has a size three finger or size four finger well some people do but the great trend with this is to sort of stack them up and add them as little mid-range rings so you can kind of just keep adding different styles and different colors let's see here add another one here but this is sort of just that fun little trend and I love also if you take some of the other styles here let's say I want to add that to a band let's get the same size there there we go I want to add it to a band maybe add that to my finger these are not my sizes but just sort of kind of playing around with some of the ideas that you can do with this you can add on a different one there you can maybe add a gold after that so they just kind of keep stacking up and you can just have a lot of fun with these you can also just keep adding and it's it's really a great fun little technique and then you'll have all these beautiful rings just to sort of play with so that is just the general idea of these stacking rings and why they're so fun and so neat I'm just gonna take them all off my hands here but you'll find all of these supplies at and even more videos to help you get this great look you

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