Show and Tell: Swarovski Spike Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see the Swarovski Spike Beads. You can add some studded glam to your designs with the small beads with single holes or the larger beads with two holes. Great for stringing, bead weaving, and bead embroidery.
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Hi, this is Kat with and on my top row here these are 7.5 millimeters so let me start by kind of going over at the small ones first now you see we have them in there coordinating shapes here but I just want to kind of take the time to show you that the small ones have one hole so if you can kind of see that right there it goes right through the center of that lovely little square and then we have these little hexagons and again these also have a single hole as well and we have our round ones with a single hole now again these are the small ones with a single hole so the larger ones have two holes on the side there so you can kind of see how that fits there just like so and what's nice is all of these two hole ones here actually the holes are at the same distance apart so that you can actually use these in conjunction with each other so let's say you wanted to do something where you had a square bead you could add on a lovely hexagon bead and your stringing will fit just very nicely through so you can see that I have created a little bracelet here why I did a little strung piece and then I added on just a little bit of chain to either side so this is just a fun little way to use those spike beads now you can use these in all different kinds of designs and the colors that we have here we have crystal which is really fun and beautiful and it's actually very subtle which is nice and then we have the jet hematite we also have crystal metallic blue and you're going to have your rose gold here as well which is these ones here and you're going to have your metallic light gold and then you're also going to get this lovely silver and this is that crystal light chrome so depending on your design feel free to choose your color now these are just a few selections of the colors that we do carry so be sure to check out all of these at beadaholique calm you

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