Show and Tell: Beadaholique Basics - Findings Variety Packs

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see the four styles of Beadaholique Basics Variety Packs that we offer at These include jewelry clasps, earring findings, clamshell knot covers, and head pin variety packs.
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Hi, this is Kat with and you can get all of these at where we sell everything from beads to chain to of course findings for you to do your DIY jewelry so let's go ahead and dive in and start talking about our first variety pack so we have a jewelry clasp-- variety pack and this will give you 210 individual pieces in this really great little reusable box and they have nice little dividers to keep all of your jewelry separated so I sort of pulled one out of each so we have five different varieties of spring ring clasp and we have five different varieties of lobster clasps now this is really great especially if you kind of just need that one off clasp or you know in a certain color this is a really great opportunity to kind of have this and this is also a really great little gift idea I just picture this you know is sort of Christmas stocking stuffers or even just a great little tool to bring with you if you're doing jewelry shows and you just need a quick little clasp or you know to fill in something that may have broken on the way so this is a great little thing to keep with you and my favorite part is that it comes with this reusable little box here alright so moving on we have an earring wire variety pack and now in this one you'll get 150 pieces and I'll just go ahead and open this one up for you as well so you'll get different earring hooks here and then you'll also get leverback hooks and these are again just really nice to use and it's easy to sort of mix and match your metals and it's a great little pack alright just to continue on here where you're gonna do the clamshell not cover variety pack now this is gonna have 300 pieces here because these guys are a little bit smaller and we're also going to be giving you a bottle of e6000 glue which you're going to use a lot with those clam shells especially if you're doing anything similar to pearl matting which is what you're going to use those clam shells for so that'll sit right in your there and you can kind of see that these are actually dividers so if you wanted to use this box again and again you can use these little dividers and adjust them and move them around so it's a great little value even if just for the box so be sure to reuse these for all your jewelry needs alright and the last one we have here is we have a headpin variety pack now this is going to be 450 pieces and what you have here is you're gonna get five different varieties of headpins and what's really nice is you're gonna get not only different colors but you're gonna get a little bit of a different shape we have a ball head pin here as opposed to just your traditional head pins so again you're gonna get those little dividers and these guys here as well because these ones are a little bit longer so we wanted to give them some room to breathe alright so these are the beautiful variety packs and these are all featuring findings and you can get all of these beadaholique basics at of course if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit the subscribe button below to stay up to date on all of the new things happening at you

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