Show & Tell: Nunn Design Summer Collection

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Designer: Julie Bean
The Nunn Design summer collection offers an exciting variety of jewelry components, charms, chains, bezels, and findings to work into your artisan designs. Included in this collection are open frame pendants, petite bottles, itsy bezel earrings, ribbon cord ends, and more.
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Hi, this is Julie with ight incorporate them into your designs and thanks to becky nunn we have some different samples of finished jewelry pieces using these different components which will I think help you really understand exactly how you can you know adapt these designs and make them into your own unique designs bill hopefully spark your imagination I'm going to start with these open frame pendants so you can see there's quite a few of them there's actually six different shapes which I've laid out here in the antique copper finish there are two squares to hexagons and two circles and like I mentioned this is the antique copper finish there's also antique gold and then we've got bright silver as well as antique silver you can see those different finishes so kind of pick which one you really prefer which one you like working with best so these are great because they are open back there's a very thin rim which is great for if you want to wire wrap them say is this example right here is nice to have that really thin rim has a nice sized loop that's already attached which make them really easy to turn into pendants or charms whatever you might want to do with them another suggestion for how to incorporate them into design is to create a really great geometric look as Becky is done here now she's gone ahead and she's attached these using the loop on one end and a jump ring and then just putting that jump ring and connecting it to the open frame itself so there's some movement and flexibility here also part of this new collection are these great large jump rings are 12 millimeters and 16 gauge so nice heavy sighs and you can see them in action right here so they too on their own creative really great geometric look and then don't forget you can also fill these open frame pendants with resin and this is actually died resin movie along another really great component to this new release are these barrel ribbon cord ends so these are nice because they've got an open channel and a nice pretty large channel and then a loop to connect a jump ring or a clasp to and how you're going to use these guys are you're going to fill them with ball chain cup chain loom work whatever you might be using and then you're going to go ahead and close that open end so I'm going to quickly show you a sum of this faceted two millimeter ball chain there's also part of the collection how you would do this so you would take the end take the last ball and just slide it in and then however many you want to make a multi strand bracelet or necklace and then just fold over that tab and once this is in here is not going anywhere so you really don't need to add any adhesive or anything like that you'll see that there's three different sizes so the largest is going to be thirty three point five millimeters long the medium is going to be 24 millimeters and the small one is going to be 17 millimeters i canna see the small one being used for dangling earrings again they're going to come in the different finishes as well so you can match your metals and you're different beating findings and components up here is this faceted ball chain and I really do love this faceted is very sparkly and pretty and there's a two millimeter size as well as a very petite little 1.2 millimeter so quite a difference in the sizes here both very very pretty and again they're going to be in the different finishes as well so you see how sparkly they are here's a nice bracelet that was done by nunn design as well and here's one of those little small open frame pendants and she actually went ahead and she filled that with a clear resin and some organic matter and we have a video on showing you how to use an open back bezel pendant with resin so that the resin doesn't spill out and it creates a really nice effect some nice flat tags these are rectangular and there's a hammer design as well as the smooth show you the two compared so you can see side by side one you might be interested in some itsy-bitsy little teeny post earring bezels you can fill these with epoxy clay resin whatever you might like they come with the post already attached as well as the earring back some nice little small petite bezels and some good classic shapes then over here we have some charms a nice tree little itsy heart a bird and then a shield with a cross on the inside and then there's also some individual crosses as well nice hammered look to these guys and last but not least we have these bottles there's two different styles there's one with a channel top and this measures 38 millimeters and then there's ones with this little hammered top and I've got an open one here I'll put the top on so you see what it looks like closed and this measures 34 millimeters with both of these the caps are actually loose so you're going to need to use some e6000 glue or other permanent adhesive to attach the bottle cap once you fill it and then you can fill it with whatever you want before you attach that class here Becky has used some organic matter you could do some beads you could do a little rolled-up message bunch of different things you can do with this it's just a really fun little beating component little I call this a little doohickey do dad is just a nice little thing to go ahead and incorporate into your designs so all of the pieces that you see here as well as additional tutorials and designs using them can be found at you

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