Show & Tell: Czech Glass DiamonDuo Beads

SKU VID-1067
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this show and tell video, see the wide array of colorful DiamonDuo two-hole Czech Glass beads available at Beadaholique. These are excellent components for bead weaving, embroidery, and even stringing projects.
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Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with in so that's where it gets its name has a little point at the center and then it's got two parallel holes so right here I have a very pretty coral a B and then a turquoise a B right here those been made into a bracelet by our designer Kat I will have a video on this later but I do want to show you these beads and how they can be worked up so the actual size the bead is eight millimeters long by five millimeters across and the distance between the two holes is four millimeters so hopefully that gives you a little bit of a better reference point if you're thinking about how you might want to design with these now I don't have all the colors shown here but I have quite a few of them so I'm not gonna go through every single color here but I do want to show you the ones which might look a little bit similar online so that you can see what they are the comparison so here is a turquoise Picasso so you see he's got some really pretty different shades in there but very subtle it also has more of like a matte finish to it not a total matte but definitely not shiny and bright right next to it is turquoise Lumi pecan which i love that name he seems really bright and shiny which is nice so that's gonna be the difference turquoise Picasso a little bit more matte a little bit more subdued and turquoise Lumi pecan is a little bit more vibrant also appears to have a little bit more gold in it and definitely shinier then when we get up here I want to show you the difference between these two guys because I think they might end up looking a little similar as well this here is jet silver Picasso so it has a nice black base to it and this here is hematite so we've got more of the silver to it then over here there's three different silvers the first one which is the brightest and shiniest is a sterling silver full coat now when you hear full coat it means that it is got a nice consistent finish all the way throughout the entire bead front side and back then we have a Labrador so this is a little bit of a darker version I'd say of the sterling then over here we have an antique silver we're just gonna give you a little bit of flecks of black in here as well so that will go great with antique silver findings and then just continuing along you'll see some really pretty purples and just this lovely almost like a periwinkle in a soft pink now over here I have some golds and creams and working our way down here to the end I do want to show you the difference between these two again because they do look very similar this here is eight chocolate bronze and then a dark bronze so the dark bronze is actually lighter than the chocolate bronze so that's a good thing to keep in mind when you're doing your designing so once again these are called diamond duo beads because of their shape and they've got the two holes and if you haven't ever worked with these before a nice way to think about them is they do work up much like super duos so if you're familiar with super duos and how they work into a design these are very similar they're a little bit bigger and a little different shape but pretty similar in terms of how you're going to use them in a project you can find all the colors you see here as well as others at you

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