Show & Tell: Nunn Design Winter Collection 2018

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you'll see the beautiful antique gold, antique silver and sterling silver plated pieces in the Nunn Design 2018 winter collection. Creative and elegant earring findings, open frame pendants perfect for wire wrapping and bezels perfectly sized for glittering crystals are among the goodies available to inspire you.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique to the Nunn design winter 2018 collection this collection features a beautiful array of open back bezel x' earring findings open frame pendants and fine delicate chain and you're gonna find three metal finishes in this collection you'll find antique gold antique silver and sterling silver plated so let's take a closer look at some of these pieces starting with these open back bezel here now these are specially sized to fit crystal chatons and fancy stones so starting up here we have this circle bezel and this fits an eight point two millimeter round sheet on or Sarov skee crystal size ss 39 here we have the pear setting and this takes a 14 millimeter pear crystal and down here we have a square setting which takes a 12 millimeter cushion crystal stone and I made a bracelet project showing the cushion setting here this piece features the cushion stone in Swarovski crystal scarlet and it also features a nun design hoop and some lovely textured Nunn design chains so it's a nice Nunn design project all around I also made a necklace version showing the same cushion setting with a crystal cushion stone and it's actually really easy to fix a crystal into this bezel you just take the bezel and line the interior with a little bit of glue like e6000 and I have a sheet on here and you just pop it right in and it fits really nicely into that setting and I'm looking at this I think this may make a nice earring I'm gonna take an earring finding here and just put it together with a jump ring and there you go really nice simple Nunn design project using several pieces from this lovely winter collection so speaking of earrings we have a whole slew of earring findings up here and starting at the top we have the large oval hoop earring y're and this is very big it's 56 by 38 millimeters really great for statement jewelry and you can wire wrap you can do a whole bunch of things with this lovely lightweight hoop we also have this shape in a smaller size this is the small oval hoop earring wire at 37 by 26 millimeters and these shapes are really great actually for brick stitching beads on to the interior of the frame so you can do that as well as wire wrapping lots of possibilities with these earring findings next we have the open oval and this measure is 44 by 15 millimeters with a nice point at the top and a loop at the bottom to dangle a charm and lest we have the oval point earring findings I love this shape I think it's so beautiful and elegant these can actually just be worn as is as a very minimal beautiful statement earring or you can wire wrap or embellish it any way you want now this shape is also repeated on our wire frame pendants over here so the difference is instead of an earring wire we have an open area at the top so there's a lot you can do with this open area you can actually wire wrap you can string through this top area there are two holes so you can string it onto beading wire or an eye pin or wire and you can actually dangle chain or paddles or a charm down into the open space of this pendant and it's really beautiful there's lots of room for creativity there and finally we have the new Nunn design chain this is a beautiful delicate cable chain as with the rest of the collection it comes in antique gold antique silver and bright silver so that is the Nunn design winter 2018 collection you can find all these pieces and plenty of project tutorials at thanks for watching you

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