Show & Tell: Czech Glass Tooth Beads

SKU VID-0838
Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video, learn about Czech Glass Tooth beads. These tooth-shaped beads have a smooth uniform appearance and are top-drilled, making them ideal for bracelets, necklaces and even as focal pieces for your earrings. Available in a variety of colors to suit your style and theme.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with their distinctive tooth shape which is really highlighted here in white now in terms of their measurements they measure 16 millimeters long by six millimeters across at their widest point and they are top drilled with a single hole so you can see their top drilling a little bit easier here on a strand so I'm going to go over the different colors there's white there's Matt crystal crystal a B which is course shimmering some wonderful colors and classic crystal crystal Labrador which has a great silver finish on part of it and then the other part is crystal white travertine blue a lot of different colors in play here crystal picasa i think this is another really great color combo for a tooth bead white picasa really great again this is jet gold capri and you can see that it's a single bead jet on one side and gold capri on the other jet vitual great colors coming into play here to you they really change with the way the light catches them jet hematite jet full chrome wonderful very shiny look to this almost a gunmetal jet matt jet and the final two colors i think are really interesting this one here is white vega if you look up close at it is really a wonderful speckled purple that shimmers a little bit of pink and the final color is matt white red luster and i personally love the finish on this one is not really a gloss it's not a matte it's almost a burnished finish and you can see that there's actually a lot of different color variation in these which has a very organic feel to it as well all of these tooth beads as well as projects showing you how to use them are available at you

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