Show & Tell: Beadaholique Exclusive Kumihimo Bracelet Refill Kits

SKU VID-0827
Designer: Julie Bean
Beadaholique exclusive kumihimo bracelet refill kits are available in a wide range of color palettes and designs. Use the disk, bobbins, and glue that you already have from your original beadaholique kumihimo bracelet kit in combination with your refill supplies to make a lovely braided bracelet. Included in a refill kit are beads, cord, and a clasp.
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Hi, this is Julie with and a kumihimo bracelet refill kit you're going to get the cord whatever beads are used in the bracelet we have quite a few different color combinations to choose from as well as a clasp we call these refill kits because we're assuming that you've already bought a kumihimo bracelet kit in the past or you have kumihimo supplies at home and all you need are the actual materials for the bracelet itself I want to show you what would be included in a traditional beadaholique exclusive kumihimo bracelet kit so I'm gonna pull these over here to help understand the difference between what these guys are so here's the finished bracelet if you buy an exclusive kumihimo bracelet kit you're going to get the disc eight bobbins the glue the cord the beads and the clasp and that's everything you need to make this bracelet well the beauty of this is you can reuse this disc over and over again you can reuse the bobbins over again and you're going to be able to make a ton of bracelets with this size of glue so what we've done is we've taken out the disc blue bobbins and the glue for these refill kits because you already have them you're gonna be able to reuse them and we've packaged these great curated color collections of just the supplies you physically need to make the bracelet these are really affordable and there's a range of different color combinations available I've just pulled out four but there's many more than this but you can see here is a purple and teal one a black and crystal and a purple and pink one as well to see the entire selection of the refill kits as well as the entire selection of the kumihimo bracelet kits which come with a disc the bobbins in the glue please check out you

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