Show & Tell: Cultured Sea Glass Shapes and Charms

SKU VID-0831
Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video see the wide selection of line editions to Beadaholique's cultured sea glass collection. Some of the shapes highlighted are sand dollars, fish, barrel nuggets, free form charms, and pebble charms.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with should see glass collection at vita halik we have dozens of shapes in a multitude of colors and here are some of the ones that have just been brought in for you to use with your jewelry designs there are two sizes of barrel nuggets show you how this looks is a very nice cylinder shape it's very smooth you can see it comes in a good variety of colors the small one is 10 millimeters by eight millimeters and the large one is 13 millimeters by 10 millimeters a really nice classic shape to work into your designs then there are also hey she spacer beads now these measure 9 millimeters across and you can see they have a really nice narrow profile this would be if you just wanted to use a hint of sea glass in your projects or maybe combine them with some other sea glass beads or charms speaking of charms there are two new charm assortments there is the freeform charm assortment and in this one you can see that the shapes are very organic and varied and then there's the pebble charm assortment I'll show you this one next to it and the shapes for these guys are a little bit softer and more rounded there's leaves as well as fish and I love the detailing on the fish you can see that it's got some nice fish scale on it at a really nice shape and a hole right here then there's the leaf pendant now this guy here measures 33 millimeters which would be the length x 17 millimeters wide and then finally there's some sand dollars both sizes of pendants have two holes so you can use them as links or connectors the large one measures 40 x 36 millimeters and a small one 21 x 19 you can find all of these that you see here in additional colors as well at you

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