Show & Tell: Czech Glass Infinity Beads

SKU VID-0835
Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video see the full range of Czech Glass 2-Hole Infinity beads available at Beadaholique. These beads have a great figure-8 design and are excellent for bead weaving and bead embroidery. There are numerous colors to choose from in 2 versatile sizes.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with of these great czech glass to hole infinity beads now they come in two sizes i have the large size right here and then the small size is demonstrated with all these different colors let me do a side-by-side comparison first off to let you see the different sizes so the small is gonna measure three millimeters across by six millimeters long and the large is gonna measure four millimeters across by eight millimeters long you see both have two holes are the identical shape which is this fantastic figure eight design and like their name they look much like the infinity symbol now before I show you the different colors I'm going to show you how you might incorporate these into a jewelry design so this is a really fantastic piece of bead embroidery by one of our designers Rachel and at the base there are long manga tamas and at the top are seed beads but in between our infinity beads so here is an infinity bead as is here and these guys are the turquoise blue Picasso in the small size and then up top this bridge is another small size infinity bead in luster Gold and this is actually going to turn into a necklace so we'll have that pattern for you on so I want to show you the colors I'm just gonna go through all the different colors so you can you know start thinking about which ones might work with your designs first off we have crystal not could be a little hard to see the Infinity shape here but it is a nice clear shiny crystal followed by chalk white white the luster pastel white pastel cream off-white and then just pastel cream which you can see has a little bit more yellow in it than the off-white over here we've got pastel amber matte metallic copper matte metallic bronze which really has a nice red hue to it bronze pale gold matte metallic gold this one that I love is California Gold Rush followed I'm at the metallic antique brass and then luster gold now going into the pinks and purples the first one here is pastel pink and then this little guy scooted over but he has passed a light coral followed by pastel dark coral and matte metallic red here we have pastel light rose pastel Lila pastel Bordeaux chalk Lila luster Vega on chalk yes that is the correct name for this is a great purple look to it though and pastel burgundy now going into the brown taupe colors we've got past a light brown coca which is a really nice neutral pastel dark brown bronze and jet bronze now this is jet bronze but it really looks much like a nice shiny rich brown then into kind of this great steely color we have matte metallic steel followed by pastel gray hematite and I like this one because it doesn't really have a shine but definitely not matte jet which it has a wonderful shine to it and then matte metallic black now in this second row I'm going to start with these really fun ones right here this is turquoise blue Picasso which is the one that Rachael II used in her design followed by turquoise green Picasso so very similar just want to has more green one has more blue and then this one which I really love is chalk blue lazar now in the greens we've got a nice pastel lime followed by matte metallic olivine pastel olivine and pastel light green now going into the blues we've got blue luster pastel Montana blue again it's a really nice finish it's just a little bit of a shine but not too much and then we've got pastel aqua pastel emerald no I would not normally think of this as an emerald color so I think it's really good to show it here in the video and then pastel petrol some nice spring colors right here are pastel light sapphire and pastel turquoise and then finally wrapping up we've got some nice Silver's we have matte metallic silver pastel light gray silver and this wonderful shiny is full Labrador you can find all of these colors of affinity beads in the two different sizes at you

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