Show & Tell: Beadsmith Mini Plier Sets

SKU VID-0839
Designer: Julie Bean
Mini Plier sets are great to use when traveling or on the go. Their compact size makes them ideal to fit into small spaces, and because of their small size, they are also very lightweight and portable. This video showcases 4 different mini plier sets by Beadsmith.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with i wanted to show these in the form of a video because they are a mini and that can be sometimes hard to tell scale ones so i thought it might help to see them in my hand and see what size they actually are and see how you might use them so here i have a set of three pliers we've got a chain nose you can see they've got a really nice spring to them we have a round nose and we have a flat nose now there's also this exact set but with a cutter added to it and that's going to be this set over here which is a four piece set so it's got that flat nose round nose chain nose and a really nice little cutter as well here is a set that comes in a traveling case and you can see it's got these little elastic holders and it's got the flat nose round nose chain nose cutters but Ossa has a nylon jaw pliers a split ring tweezer and a nodding tweezer i want to show you the knotting tweezers got a really nice scale to it and comes to a really nice pointed tip and the final one is this color-coded set it comes in a really nice case as well and you'll notice that these guys have soft grip handles and you get quite a variety of pliers you've got the chain nose the round nose the flat nose the cutters the nylon jaw the knotting tweezers a little scoop and you even get a little pair of snips so this is a great set as well all four of these mini plier sets are great for traveling or when you're on the go and they are all available at you

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