Show & Tell: Druzy and Gemstone Pendants, Links, and Charms

SKU VID-0824
Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see the selection of gorgeous druzy, gemstone, and glass pendants, charms, and links available at Beadaholique. These stunning pieces are easy to work into designs and create striking focals. Each piece will vary slightly and all are beautiful!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this show-and-tell video I have some really pretty pieces to show you what you see before you here is a combination of agate Druze ease gemstones and glass pieces I'm gonna go through them and show you the different types available so first off we have these agate Druze ease which are top drilled and they don't have any type of setting they're really very pretty and natural looking of course with this amazing Sparkle up top I'm going to show you the whole orientation so you can see this is how they're drilled so that's how you're going to string it onto your project and then the back side here is just a pretty stone they're just really gorgeous focal pieces each one is gonna vary a bit because they are all unique and different so they're not just identical and manufactured very pretty pieces what we also have here are charms pendants and links so the charms are a little bit more petite and you can see a couple different types here we have electroplated with gold ones you can see where that electroplating is right on to the stone itself and then we have ones with bezel settings you can see that nice finished loop around the edge of it and a top loop of course to make it easy to add to your jewelry projects so here we've got gemstones we have agate Dru Z's and then we have some glass pieces as well now if you look at the product descriptions for each of these it will show you what the material is as well as the dimensions as well which will be helpful for you and then we've got pendants now we've got ones with two loops which are wonderful focal all you need to do is add a chain to these and then they come in different shapes as well and then we have pendants with the one loop and these would be great to make not only into necklaces but earrings as well and you can see how pretty they are and they're faceted just gorgeous and then finally we have assorted links here and we've got again the jerseys and the gemstones and the links have two loops so you can connect something to them if you so desire so really pretty-pretty pieces I just want to take a moment to hold up a few of them for the camera so you can really just see how elegant and how beautiful they are you can find all of these pieces as well as more selection than what you do see here available at beadaholique you

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