Show and Tell: Vintage Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
We are so pleased to bring you this gorgeous collection of true vintage beads. Be sure to get them soon, because due to their rarity we have limited quantities. What you see in this video is just a selection of the vintage beads. For more, go to
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Hi, this is Kat with I know buying something vintage that no two beads will be alike so I'm gonna just go ahead and dive right in here with our metal beads now these are actually really fun they're Chinese brass and we have several different kind of varieties and just different sizes and if you can see right here it kind of has almost an iridescent type of kind of color to it which is just really fun really enhance your design we do have some smaller ones in case you didn't want to go for the big guy here but I do want to show you that even on this big guy it's really light so they're very easy to use especially in jeweler making so we have sort of this brighter kind of gold style with the raw brass and then we have just that little bit more of a true vintage as well as these beautiful copper colors so you're gonna have a lot of fun working with those so over here we have our chandelier glass and crystal and these are Czech and I just want to let you know that these three varieties here these are actually glass and this one is crystal so when you see this type of shape it's most likely gonna be crystal but just in case just go ahead and check the product descriptions just so you're clear on what you're getting but these are just a few of the varieties and colors that we are going to carry in those guys moving along over here we have all of our beautiful cabochons these are really fun and funky these are from the 60s they have a little bit of a sparkle to them we also do have some more of your traditional style here and we also do have some Japanese and these are all going to be glass and lucite I just wanted to highlight one of them here for you and this one it's just really neat you kind of get a little bit of a feel for it on the front and then on the back it's a little bit of a concave shape so it's not your traditional cabochon that is flat on the back so just in case you wanted to use this piece in your bead embroidery just make sure that you you're aware that it has that sort of a back to it we also do have some tiny varieties here for you to use and your jewelry pieces as well over here we have our charms pendants and links and they come in a variety of colors and finishes so we do have some silver gold as well as gunmetal and again these are just a few of the colors that we have moving along here we have our Czech spun glass and these are really fun because they're actually quite light and you can sort of see through them and you it kind of creates a little bit of a honeycomb effect and we have a couple of earrings here made by one of our designers and it just really shows you how the light sort of goes right through these guys and just there's really unique and you can see there's a little bit of a marbling to a color again just keep in mind when you're buying vintage beads that no two beads are going to be exactly alike these come in the sort of teardrop this sort of egg shape and the cylinder and as you can see these kind of have just a really pretty sort of kind of basket weave on them moving along here we have our Japanese plastic wafer beads and these are really just fun colors you can use these as spacers in your beads and these come in three different sizes we have a 14 a 16 and an 18 millimeter just to kind of give you guys a nice variety to use so there are our beautiful vintage beads that we are so excited to have again they are in rare and limited quantities all of these beads and pendants they are true vintage and I hope you have a lot of fun working with them you can find these and find more varieties at you

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