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Hi, this is Kat with it actually is the main cork board here that you use to do all the Chinese knotting and what we found is that this book right here this is by Fernando de Silva and this is actually a really great jumping-off point if you want to learn how to do this type of Chinese knotting there's all kinds of full tutorials with great pictures in it that shows you how to do a lot of really neat things this is one of the bracelets that I made and this design is in the book which is really great this design is also at for you to purchase but just to show you this is the cork board and when you purchase the cork board you'll get one set of the dressmaker pins but if you have need of using more pins we actually also sell it separately which is really great so you can always just kind of add this on you don't have to buy the whole board again I have just a little knot here just to show you kind of how it works and we do have other tutorial videos showing you exactly how to do this type of knot this is gonna be a cross knot but then I also want to show you we have the lovely knots cords and we carry these in many colors we have the 1 millimeter which as you can see is about that thick and we also have the 2 millimeter so when you kind of get to see them next to each other you can really see the size difference of that 1 millimeter what's also really cool about these is these are actually reusable bobbins so you know how sometimes we have in our kumihimo we have our plastic bobbins that we sell and these kind of work the same way so once your cord is done you'll be able to use these as bobbins so that's just kind of a really cool thing about that so please watch our other videos on the lovely nuts and pick up your dazzle it book I highly recommend the book and the cork board at you

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