Show & Tell: TierraCast You Collection

SKU VID-0728
Designer: Julie Bean
TierraCast's latest launch, the You Collection, is full of jewelry components that allow you to put your own personal stamp on your designs. Comprised of symbolic charms and links, alphabet letters, as well as clasps and buttons, this collection is beautiful and on-trend.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with jewelry that speaks to you that you connect with on a very personal level i'm going to walk you through the different designs and i am so excited about this collection I love it Julie young from tierracast actually came into our studio and we made some jewelry with her using these pieces and I have to say I wear my necklace that I made with my son's initials more than any other piece of jewelry that I own besides my wedding rings I love it so that's a little personal note so included in this collection are these wonderful links and connectors so you can use them as a link or connector or you can actually rivet them on to some flat cork faux leather a bunch of different things you can do with these you can bend these with bracelet bending pliers you can see that they have different sayings come in different finishes the back is lovely too and then this wonderful hammered texture background beneath the lettering the lettering really does stand out there's also these buttons with the ohm symbol very nice if you want to coordinate the two we're going to have some jewelry projects on the beadaholique website showing you how to use these another link that's available is this tree of life as well as the ohm symbol and we've already snagged a few of these and started working with them so I'm not showing every color that's available but do know that they are available in all the different color finishes there's also these great findings that say peace around the edge of them is a little clearer here in the silver finish some lobster clasps to coordinate of course with what you're doing here with these wonderful symbolic pieces and then the rest of the collection is of all about charms and there's a variety of different symbols as well as the alphabet and some blank ones as well so we've got the yin-yang the lotus the ohm symbol the quality symbol a wonderfully detailed Little Buddha as well as across now if you want to create your own there are some blank charms that are the same scale so you can mix and match and then there is the alphabet now this is fun because you can pick out your initials a loved one's initials anything that speaks to you or you can make sayings of course you could do love very easily or you can do mom if you get a second em so one really easy way of incorporating these into your designs are making a quick and easy piece of jewelry is by hanging them on the ball chain this ball chain measures 30 inches long and it too is by tierracast and part of the you collection and as you can see here we just hung a symbol with a letter really easy but really meaningful as well like I mentioned the beginning of this video I hung my son's initials fhb from this exact chain and I absolutely love it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I own so all of these pieces are available right now on the beadaholique website have fun playing with them mixing and matching and we're going to come up with a bunch of projects for these showing you how to incorporate them into finished jewelry pieces you

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