Show and Tell: TierraCast 11mm Rivoli Settings and Austrian Crystal ss47 Rivolis

SKU VID-0735
Designer: Julie Bean
Create beautiful jewelry using TierraCast 11mm rivoli settings and Austrian crystal rivolis in size ss47. The crystal stones fit perfectly into the settings, allowing you to create dazzling jewelry. This video also shows you how to make the simple but elegant Crystal Paradise Shine Earrings.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with in meter Rivoli settings which are available with two loops or just once you can either use them as a link or a connector or as a pendant charm and these correspond beautifully with the other item I want to show you which are these lovely Rivoli's by Swarovski and they are sized ss 47 so first let me talk about the settings then the river leaves then I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily make a really pretty pair of earrings at the end of the video first off let me show you the tierracast settings you'll see that they're beautifully finished on the back and we have ones that have two loops which work as a link or connector or ones which just have a single loop which would make a great pendant or charm the come in a variety of finishes we've got the brass ox the rhodium plated the antique pewter the gold plated the antique copper and the black finish so really there's a lot to choose from to match with your other jewelry components and the other pieces you are going to use and they're quite substantial these are really nice quality pieces our designer Karlin has actually already worked one of these settings along with the crystal into a jewelry design she's calling these the crystal Rivoli anchor earrings and you can find their project instructions on the beadaholique website but you can see what she's done she just took the actual setting glue de Rivoli in place used some jump rings on either end to attach an earring hook and then attach an anchor charm very easy to make but they look fantastic so let me show you the crystal ripple ease now here are the stones these are Billie's and their size SS 47 I don't know about you but sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what that actually means in terms of what it's going to fit with so I wanted to bring out a digital caliper which I'm going to zero out and I'm gonna get you the size in millimeters and this one here is crystal paradise shine is the color there's about ten point four millimeters those are going to fit perfectly in these 11 millimeter settings you see there's a variety of colors tangerine the crystal paradise shine emerald rose gold crystal golden shadow you can go on our website to see all the colors individually but I pulled a number of them for you to be able to see here on camera they really are beautiful that's how they're finished on the back there foil alright so without further ado I do want to put together a really quick pair of earrings so I'm going to take two of the pendant link settings so they've just got the one loop two earring hooks some e6000 and one chain nose plier normally I would glue the actual stone into the setting first and then add my earring hook but in this instance I want to be able to finish these on camera to show you just how quickly and easily you can make a really pretty pair of earrings so I'm just opening the loop at the base of the hook the same way you would open a jump ring slipping on the setting then closing it back up now the fun part is choosing your stone I'm gonna put a couple different ones in here just to see how they look you see it really changes the look of the design based upon this stone you're going to choose you could go very classic and just do crystal it's very elegant but I think I want to use actually you know I think I want to use the crystal paradise shine I really love this color so I'm going to take the e6000 and it's already open now I could use a toothpick or a piece of wire as an applicator but I'm actually just going to squeeze a little dot down in the base and slip my stone into that glue press into place and let dry in an upright position like I said I would have attached the earring hook after the fact if I was doing this at home repeat I want to try to keep that glue contained in there I don't want to have too many strings now to slip my other stone into the glue press into place and I'm going to guess that took under one minute to make both earrings so you can find the project instructions for both this pair of earrings and these lovely anchor ones on the beadaholique website along with all these settings these Rivoli x' and many more jewelry findings and components you

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