Show and Tell: Toho Seed Bead Designer Palettes - Summer 2017 Collection

SKU VID-1240
Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video see the handpicked designer color palettes of Toho seed beads available exclusively at Beadaholique. Each palette consists of 4 full tubes of Toho seed beads which have been color coordinated to complement each other. Use these beads in your bead weaving, bead embroidery, loom projects, and more.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with to be and we have some familiar favorites that you'll know and love but we've also added in some really funky mixes so we hope you enjoy so let's go ahead and I want to dive right in to a new mix that we have here now what we've done is we've created this design which is actually just a Cellini spiral and we do course have videos showing you how to do this but what we wanted to do was kind of help you in designing to get the colors just right so we've put together a 1502 11s and 100 and we put them together in this beautiful blue and serene and this is our santorini pattern here so this will be available and then I just want to show you another example and this is sort of a little bit more of a finished piece and this will be a full tutorial on and again we went ahead and took a 1502 11 and 1a Oh to kind of give you a little bit of help with trying to design exactly how that looks because I know when you kind of see things on a website it can be a little difficult to really extrapolate how that's going to appear in a design so we have that available and then moving on up here we have 15 OS now these are for tubes of 50 nose and this is our Bay Breeze collection and our designer Rachel had created this piece and this is a very simple herringbone piece and of course this will also be a tutorial but this is just kind of showing you an example of how these colors fit together now you can use these palettes however you want and you can use two of them or three however you want in your designs we just kind of wanted to give you guys a little bit of a jump start when it comes to color so I'm going to circle up here and I'm going to talk about these palettes that I have and we have three palettes here that are actually all eight OC beads and what better thing to do with eight OC beads than to create Mahima so this is a very simple eight strand kumihimo braid and this colorway right here this is called Cabo cruise and we also have PNE parades and then we have cinnamon stick which features a really fun rosy gold and some Reds and some really beautiful burnt colors so I think it's just really kind of nice and fun and then if you've looked at our Toho seed B pelts before you'll notice that we do have a couple that are in the lemon oh so we wanted to give you a couple more variations and eleven O's are great for if you're doing loom work or just straight Perry be leaving so we have this one here and this is our campfire Sabrina who doesn't want a nice summertime campfire and then we got excited with the idea of really adding a pop of yellow and we found the green and the gray and the white and we kind of put it all together and we like you know what I think that reminds me of tennis so this is our Wimbledon collection so I don't have examples actually these guys together but you can always look at our other Toho seed beads and there you will find a loom pattern which will work with both of these as well so that is the entire collection of these summer 2017 for the Toho seed bead designer palettes and these are exclusive to beadaholique and you can find all of these and all the tutorials that I mentioned here at you

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