Show and Tell: TierraCast Dulce Vida Collection

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will get a look at the Dulce Vida Collection by TierraCast featuring bangles, pendants, links, connectors, and charms in Antique Pewter and Brass Oxide finishes. Flora, Amor and Jardin styles come together in harmonious beauty to create this 'Sweet Life' collection.
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Hi, this is Kat with in now this sweet life collection features three different items and they are flora Jeddah and amor so we have various different things and you can already see that there's a lot of flowers and hearts and just sort of a beautiful organic feel that's going on here with this collection now I just want to kind of dive right in and I'm gonna show you this portion over here and these are beautiful like little links but you'll notice that they have no holes in them but what I really think could be interesting is if you just take a couple of these different shapes and just some large jump rings and just kind of link them together for just a really fun sort of organic kind of feeling link bracelet and you could do a couple strands and put them all together I think that just could be really really fun so you'll notice that these all have really nice stampings and you can see that they're nice and thick as well so they do have stampings that are sort of different on different sides now let me take two that are the same here and I'll kind of show you how they differ so this is both finishes and they these are the same sides as you can see and I'm going to just flip one over so you can see how different it is on the other side so that is just sort of you know the really kind of fun organic feel so if you're making a bracelet or you know perhaps a necklace you can actually kind of get two-sided designs out of these so I just think it's really really beautiful and fun and again you kind of are seeing that floral and love you know kind of design here in that garden theme so they have some beautiful pendants as well and again a lot of these you can see have double sides so you can kind of get a feel for how different you can really make a lot of these fun pieces and what I really enjoy is the weight of these they have a nice weight to them but you can also wear them as earrings because they're actually light enough to do so so just some really fun pieces this again is the same piece so you'll see it as I flip it over and we have this really kind of fun neat little piece over here now some of these will come to at a time some you'll get only one so if you are making a pair of earrings just be sure to just double check what your gonna be getting for that as well now like I said these are all antique pewter and brass oxide finishes which is very typical for tierracast so I want to bring you over here and we have these big pinch bails but if you're looking for something that is not as large they have made a smaller version so this could work actually with really some fun crystals or I love the idea of using this collection with leather cord so over here just kind of continuing on we do have some links and connectors here so these have two holes attached you can see that this piece is really similar to some of the other links but this one actually has two holes drilled in it so you'll be able to use that with maybe some smaller jump rings if you like or just some other kind of various pieces so moving on they have a nice set of toggle clasps and these come as a set so there's no guesswork involved for how you'd want to kind of fit this into your design this is very cute they have a circular version and they sort of have this beautiful square and I just love the bar on this version it's just nice and chunky but it actually looks very kind of fun and you can see all the little swirls in there just some really really neat pieces we also do have a few button closures that are part of this line so they're gonna have that shank on the back as you can see just right there and again this is what I was talking about with using this with leather if you're making any of our wrapped leather bracelets these are great additions to add to those pieces so I'm going to bring you up here to a couple of unique pieces now this is the only one like it in this design here and you can see that I've actually gone ahead and added some patina to one of them now this is the breast ox and all I did was add a little patina and then kind of wipe off that top layer so you really get to see that color that kind of pops there and that just but I love these little triangle connectors because you actually have three holes going on there as well so just kind of fun and I actually used this piece in my design here and this is using one of the bangles so this is sort of Global chic kind of traveller design and what's really neat about these bangles is they already have the holes drilled for you so this is a finished piece and let me just show you over here this is the pewter version so this is it without all my fun little embellishments but you can see that you can do while you're wrapping and you also can kind of notice that they're a little uneven and what I love about that is it just gives again that really bohemian kind of organic feel and you have all these beautiful kind of scratches scored into the side so it already looks like a really nice finished almost like a belted piece and it's nice and riveted now this comes only in one size and it has a two and a half inch diameter so that is what you are going to get and like I said there's that little three hole triangle there I just added some charms but you know and just hung a little chain there so while you're wrapping you can also add fabric to it I think that could be a really neat design aesthetic so there's a lot of fun to play with this line and I just love that it offers so much I mean over here we have a couple of earring posts and these are just really just such a beautiful design and this is where I would want to add some color to that I just I just feel the need to add color and then just to finish it off they didn't also include a couple of beads here now these are rounded beads but they're not perfectly round because they have just a nice little indentation and a nice little shape to them so you can also use these to tie in with several of the items that you've seen here so again this is the tierracast dolce vita collection it is the sweet life collection and I hope that you have a lot of fun creating some really outstanding pieces this is definitely a wonderful jumping-off point to create some really nice designs you can find all of these supplies and more tutorials at you

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