Show and Tell: Czech Glass Hill Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video, you will get a look at the Czech Glass Hill Beads. Very similar in shape to a Fire Polish Bead, the Hill beads are flat on one side with a rounded oval shape on the other, like a fire polish bead cut down the middle. Great for stringing, bead weaving and bead embroidery.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and you can kind of see how they fit and I'm just gonna sort of fold that necklace together so you can see side by side the little size difference now if you're looking at these beads they have a unique shape where they're sort of flat on one side and rounded on the other hence he'll bead but what they kind of remind me of is if you took a Czech glass fire polished bead and sort of cut it down the middle and cut it right in half that's sort of the idea that you're getting with these beads so I'm going to show you a quick demonstration here and this is the 8 millimeter and this here is the 6 millimeter and you can see that they're flat on the bottom and when you sort of flip them over they have that nice rounded shape on the top but just sort of to get that little side view you can sort of just see them side by side so that is the basic overview of the hill beads but I just want to show off some fun colors so I'm going to start over here we have some beautiful pastel and crystal colors and I think that these are just begging to be bead woven into little floral shapes or used as petals you can definitely do some bead embroidery by going up through the bottom because they'll kind of work like little tiny cabochon where you can attach a bead at the top and if so right back down through so I think this could be a really fun idea to use with these beautiful pastel colors and if it's Easter time and you're looking for some sort of an egg shape if you sort of put two of them together you kind of get that nice little oval shape too so we do have a lot of the transparent colors some blues and greens of course and then we have some beautiful pearl whites and then up here I have some also sort of transparent but as you kind of see they have a little purple luster to them with a little bit of a bronzey finish so it kind of dances and really catches the light nicely but moving over here we have we get into more of some of the amber colors and then down here we'll get into the colds and Silver's and what I really think is kind of neat is that you can see the difference and I sort of grouped them here for you we have this gold it's sort of gold on gold so it's completely coated in that like beautiful gold finish that adds those really nice facets and then you can see on these ones here the little tips have a little bit of that blue to them and you can sort of see that crystal popping underneath and it's the same for both sizes and then this is that California jet so it has that nice beautiful amber color on top but that gold on the bottom so these are nice and consistent beads again these are Czech glass and be sure to check out all of the colors this is just a selection that we have here at you

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