Show and Tell: TierraCast Strength and Beauty Collection

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video, you will see an overview of the Strength and Beauty Collection by TierraCast. These small, finely detailed charms and buttons feature some new symbols including the Eye of Horus, Eye of Providence, recovery, pentagram, and a beaded bezel button that fits Swarovski SS34 flatback crystals.
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique you to sell you the tierracast strength and beauty collection so these charms and button measures slightly smaller than the other ones in the tierracast line 17 by 12 millimeters for the charms and 12 millimeters across for the buttons there are some new symbols have been added the Eye of Horus evil eye the Eye of Providence the recovery symbol a pentagram and then some familiar symbols the triple spiral the square check the burden tree the heart Lotus home you had the check round and then there's this one asta beaded bezel and it's just the right size to fit the Swarovski seven millimeter or SS 34 5 flat back lines jump so that's what I've done here is I've put one of those crystals in the middle and then just done a simple beaded braid we've got a video for that on our website and then our designer Kat made this piece and she's got a full video for that one as well so they're done in the four metal finishes all these pieces are available in antique copper antique silver and gold and also the brass oxide so I hope you enjoyed this video and these are all available at thanks for watching you

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