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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com pom now these are so fun and so exciting so I have a few examples up here of some of the ways you can use these but before I get into this I want to start by showing you the four different sizes that we have and I've pulled them out here so you can really see them side by side so over here we have the ten millimeter and then we have 15 20 and 25 for the two smaller sizes you're going to get five grams and for the two larger sizes you're going to get ten grams but they do come in a variety of colors so you're going to get a big multi pack so who knows what you're going to get it's kind of a little surprised it's just so fun so let me start just by kind of focusing your attention over here on one of these simple ways that you can put it onto an earring now this is simply strung on there and a needle pokes right through the center of the pom-pom very easily when you kind of get your needle in there you'll feel that it has a little bit of a core to it so you can really be sure that those are nice and secure on your thread and then I just kind of strung it up here and through a nice little earring hook for a fun little dangly pom-pom earring and they're so light and fun so if you have trouble wearing heavy earrings as I know many do these pom poms are just really fun and colorful so that's one way you could use them another way is to actually poke them on to memory wire and what I did here is I wanted to balance out the big bright pom-poms so I added some big gold beads here and wood beads and to make them kind of lay properly I added gold noodle beads so you get a really nice kind of fun boho chic style with these so just fun colorful and I just love it so over here we have a technique that is called quarreling and this feature is brick stitch around an eternity bead frame and down here if you can kind of look on the back of it you can kind of see how I have multi strands coming down here and each one has a little pom-pom on the end of it and again like I said you can just sew right down through it and sew right back up you don't even see any other threads coming through the bottom there so just another fun way to use these when you go to plan your designs I recommend planning to do something that is multicolor because like I said you don't know exactly which colors are going to get you're going to get a big variety so you might have two Purple's or two greens that you might have different colors greens so just keep that in mind when you're planning your designs with the pom-poms and last but not least we have a really fun sort of chain swag that goes in between some of those pom now we were able to create two full ones with this colorway so it's really kind of unique so be sure to check that out and these are just little head pins that are inside there and like I said you don't even actually see them on the bottom because they're totally hidden by those Tom's so just really cute summer jewelry you can go boho chic you can go silly and wacky and fun these are going to be great things to have in your jewelry making arsenal I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and all of these tutorials at beadaholique.com you

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