Show and Tell: Tassels

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see the variety colorful Nylon Tassels that are the perfect embellishments to your jewelry designs. You will also see a few design inspirations for your to use in your jewelry and crafts.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with going to dive right in to show you exactly what you're going to get when you purchase our tassels so I want to direct your attention over here now these ones that I have laid out here if these are a selection of the colors that we will sell in full Lots which means that for each individual color you'll get ten so let me show you a little bit of how they're constructed now these are nylon tassels and they are 30 millimeters by 15 so these are going to have some really nice little fun I'll have a nice little wave to it and they won't get too crunched or squished because they are a nylon you can see I'm just kind of messing with it in my hand so just so you can see how it kind of operates and then if you can see right here it is really nice and neatly tightly wrapped at the top and it comes with a gold-tone jump ring and this is a seven millimeter 19 gauge jump ring and it is an open jump ring so you can simply open that or if you wanted to attach another jump ring to it go ahead and just sort of twist that jump ring so that it kind of goes into the center of that tassel so it'll become a nice sort of closed jump ring for you but it's nice and tightly in there so it won't be moving around too much which is perfect for jewelry so that is the red color that we have here and we have some beautiful pinks we have some lovely neons this is a really cool neon yellow and then we have some more muted colors and you can just kind of see how some of them might really look just if you put the different colors together and just sort of make your own little color palette now speaking of color palettes and mixes there we do have several mixes and we have five to be exact now I just want to let you know that these are limited editions so once we've sold out of the color mixes they are going to be gone from our website but go ahead and get them and we have beautiful blues yellows purple we have a beautiful green fun little pink so there's a lot you can do with this and these you'll get ten tassels in as well so I just have an example of each of the colors that you might get now we can't guarantee which colors you're going to get when you purchase let's say you want the blue mix we can't guarantee how many you'll get of each color so just be aware of that when you purchase one of those mixes but I just want to show you a couple little design ideas that I came up with to use the tassel I wanted to create a really fun long necklace and I use this really beautiful large piece of sea glass so you can see that I just sort of wire wrapped it like a briolette up top with some braided wire and then I just wanted some little tassels to the side and like I said you'll get ten when you purchase your individual color so I wanted to do six and really make it kind of fun and floaty and just a perfect little summertime necklace and then I wanted to really go bold and crazy so I made this beautiful statement earring now this features the deep teal patina on top of a piece of filigree and that is the dark rainbow Swarovski crystal flap back in there and I wanted to just make it wild and crazy' and really have fun with it so I did the hot pink tassels here and white pom-poms to help balance that out so choose your favorite color or favorite color mix to create fun jewelry and you can find all of these and even more videos at you

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