Show and Tell: Swarovski Crystal Innovations - Fall/Winter 2018/19 Collection

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see the stunning new crystal color, Scarlet, and the new crystal pearl color, Velvet Brown. Rich and warm, these colors stand out as timeless pieces that can be incorporated into a variety of designs. In addition to the new colors, new shapes and styles make their debut in this collection. The Growing Crystal Pendants, designed by Iris Van Herpen, and the Eye Fancy stone are both a departure from the ordinary into a world of the extraordinary.
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Hi, this is Kat with and winter of 2018 and 2019 so I have some beautiful beautiful scarlet and beautiful pearls on my table here so I'm actually gonna start and dive right in with the pearls now this is their latest color here this is the velvet Brown it's such a lovely rich color and we have all the way from 12 millimeter all the way down to 3 millimeter so there's a lot of design options that you can do with these pearls now the first thing for me that comes to mind is doing some beautiful pearl knotting and one of the things that I really love about this color is that I feel like it'll look good with a silver or a gold or even actually a rose gold could be quite pretty with these so you can kind of warm it up or tone it down and it'll kind of really play off of the metal that you choose to pair these with so just really beautiful round Saurav skee crystal pearls and the velvet Brown so I'm moving right along here I'm gonna start talking about all this beautiful red that I have on my table and this is their latest color this is the scarlet color and just to kind of work my way towards this way I'm gonna start with these rounds now these have beautiful facets you can really see it in this twelve millimeter round right here I'm sorry this is a 10 millimeter round excuse me but I just love the way it really plays and you know this will actually work with a lot of our pinch bail earring findings so that's a really nice just striking color and of course maybe it's the time of the year but I'm definitely feeling some very Christmasy items with these but again so we have the rounds here in varying different sizes going all the way down to three millimeters and then we do have our buy cones here so you can see that this is a little bit of a sharper shape so it has that nice little buy cone shape to it and these are the eight millimeter again going all the way down to the three so we have some little itty bitty ones here that you can sort of pair and just sprinkle into your designs for just a little flash of color and shine so one of the other things that we have is we have the rondelle's here now these come in two different sizes and again these have a little bit more of a squat donut type shape and these are really great to use as again spacers in your designs and then I just wanted to pull out here we have some of the buy cones but these ones actually are the scarlet a B so you're gonna get that little a B flash on some of them you can just sort of see as I'm moving them and it'll sort of be on the half point of that bicone so if you really just want to pump up your design that's a great way to do so so over here I have a grouping of 'shit ons now these are really wonderful to use with crystal clay or you can add them to various settings you can see especially on this large one here I just point this out they have a pointed foiled back so this is really great to sort of set in to that clay and as you can see we have some big beautiful sizes here where you're really seeing a lot of that color all the way down to the anyone's over here for just a little touch of that scarlet and I think these are gonna be just wonderful little decorative pieces so sort of similar to a sheet on is a Rivoli so right here you're gonna have that Rivoli with that pointed top and it has a little pointed back now we have settings for these Rivoli's so you'll get a nice coating of a metal finish on the outside and those we can find from tierracast annals are just wonderful to use with these but that way it'll turn this beautiful fancy Rivoli into a nice little pendant or a connector even so again three different sizes there and for our last sort of bead here going back to my bicones and rounds I have a briolette shape and I have two different sizes of those and this is just a really nice little faceted drop and it has a hole at the top which is perfect for wire wrapping or just hanging from a dangle and what I love is that these are sold in pairs so I just immediately think earrings alright for some more fancy stones here I have the pear-shaped and then I have two of the oval shapes and then I a cushion shape now for many of these shapes and styles and sizes we do have lovely little settings for these so on the back you'll notice that they do have a faceted foiled back and these will be available on our website and just really really fun to use with those fancy stones settings so continuing on here I want to continue with my fancy stones and talk about these eyes isn't that so cool so it's actually if you can see the sort of thing it looks a little bit like a UFO on the side but then when you look at the front there you're really getting the nice sparkle of the eye so we have blue and then we have this beautiful striking green and then we have a brown so a nice rich brown and ties right into that lovely velvet brown color so it's a really neat little kind of fancy stone and it will have some beautiful connectors and settings for these as well now the lovely thing about these guys is these are called the growing crystals now the one I have in my hand here is the rhombus and this is a 36 millimeter pendant it is just gorgeous and I hope that the light is really catching and really showing this off here so what you can kind of see and I have one over here and I just very simply put it on to a chain that is sterling silver with a sterling silver bail so just a really nice little piece there and it just hangs as a nice pendant now the 36 millimeter is gonna have that hole in the center and if I can just draw your attention back here this is the 26 millimeter there's gonna be a little filled in it but this is the jet color but you still get a lot of that nice little sparkle coming through so I just have a couple of the jet pieces we have more colors here of course but we have the rectangle one here and again it just looks like the sort of growing crystal right out of the center and it's Oh striking it's almost classic but it's very like punk-rock a lot you can do with these and even just adding a simple Bale to the top will really give you just a lot of options so the last thing I want to talk about today is we have a variety of flat backs now you can see that I have these ones over here and these have a plain back and by plain back I just mean that you'll need to use some e6000 or GS hypo cement to adhere these to whatever you're working with so we have several different sizes in that format and then over here you can see the foil back is a little bit different and that is because these are hotfix now we have hot fix tools and what that means is that you'll place your sheet on I'm sorry your rhinestone flat back onto your surface and then you'll add the heat on top of it and what it will do is it will warm up the back to adhere it to a fabric so it's a really neat little thing and we definitely have a lot of tools to help you use the hotfix and they're great especially as we're getting towards the fall season and people are starting to think about all different kinds of Halloween costumes you can ornate them with Swarovski crystal and really wow your friends so that is the latest launch of Swarovski and we are so proud to bring it to you right here at if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit the subscribe button below you

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