Show and Tell: Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Statement Earring Findings

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video learn about recent additions to Beadaholique's collection of sterling silver and gold filled jewelry components. These findings include links, earring hooks, open frame links, jump ring links, and more. They are ideal for making lovely statement earrings and other show-stopping jewelry pieces.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with there's quite a variety and i want to show you a couple of examples of how you might use them and then at the end of the video i'm gonna make a really quick and elegant earring so starting over here you can see we have different circle shapes now these are fun because you can layer them because there's some different sizes here like three sizes right there you can layer or you can use them separately now they are a closed link so they are completely solid all the way around there is no split in them and these are 14 karat gold filled as well as sterling silver you can also do something like this these are really fun to play with with just a simple jump ring you can go ahead and do a graduated size effect whether you're doing a necklace or an earring a lot of different possibilities here with these circle rings up here we have a pear teardrop shape now I do like these because you have some that are completely just solid around without a ring then you have other ones with a little ring on the top as well as an internal ring so different design options there I'm going to come back to the examples in just a minute but I'm gonna hop over to this side and show this kite shape now one thing I do like about the kite shape is you can wear it either way so you can have the smaller shorter ends up top and the longer ones down at the bottom or you can switch it so a couple different options there and then again we do have the internal and external rings or without so really a matter of what you're doing with it in the Sterling and the gold field over here we have a lovely marquise shaped again you can layer these guys which is creating a really fun this almost looks like a leaf or a petal to design to me so that's a fun option as well and you know I'm just too excited to show the examples so before I go on to all the earring hooks that look so good with these I do want to show you a couple examples of use so here we have the kite and this is a kite with the two and inside we have hung a little sir offski crystal Christmas tree so a great little holiday earring and it just swings and plays and that trees stay suspended within the kite here and we've not made an earring but we've made a necklace and this was done by our designer Rachel and this two utilizes one of the components with the double ring so from the interior one she's hung this really pretty little drop charm and then she's just used a sterling silver pre-made chain very quick very easy but a nice way of really maintaining that high quality designer aspect so because these are made of a precious metal they really are just a lovely piece whether you're selling jewelry at an Art Fair perhaps at a boutique giving it as a gift to have it be sterling or have it be in Goldfield really elevates it which is nice now here are designer catch he made an earring doing the layering effect with this lovely pear-shaped so she's got the three sizes of pairs and she's just connected them with a jump ring and then taken another jump ring and connected that to this little post earring which is nice now if you are using these components it is awful nice to match the metals so here she's got a gold filled post the gold filled jump ring and then the gold filled pear-shaped components now this one is just I think gorgeous our designer Alexandra made it she did a circular brick stitch on the inside and then she did this lovely little petal design and I really want to wear this and take it home I think she did such a fantastic job and this is actually just the larger size of the component here so you see she actually went around the outer edge and she just used a very very fine thread and then she stitched her Peas so you really don't even see the thread you just see those lovely beads and the nice shiny sterling silver frame and then here's something I did so I wire wrapped him and I used sterling silver wire and I wire wrapped them with little delicacy beads and then just hung an this gemstone from the center and this did not have those two rings the two little loops so I just made my own using a jump ring so I'm just using a couple different jump rings here there's a nice way of being able to suspend something so to keep that in mind you even if you have something that doesn't have an internal ring you can still suspend something from the inside of it now I do want to show you these earring hooks so these are a variety we've got edged ones we've got these wonderful modern design this is one of my personal favorite ones I use in almost every design I make for myself I'm wonderful almost like a curlicue round these have a nice delicate little ball and really when you pair these together this is part of the fun you can look and see how the shapes play together so we got that nice round top arch you know that helps to magnify the arch down here so a nice way of coordinating those here for these Christmas tree earrings there's the sharper point the more modern look of the kite and I went ahead and I paired it with like a sharper point v-shaped earring hook and again it's available in the Goldfield and the sterling and then as we continue along we've got these ones with a hammered portion of it and that just catches the light and really shines I'm going to show you the Sterling as well these nice long hooks would be great to hang just a little simple gemstone or drusy or pendant from it and then some more classic designs with that little ball and these are a couple guys that we've hacked for a little while but I think they look so great with the new components so just a nice decorative element with that swirl you see all three of them really do possess that similar el elegant element there so now let me show you how quick and easy can make a pair of earrings with these the bead weaving took a little longer the wire wrapping but katz was very quick so as rachel's and even these little swarovski trees were super fast but none of them were quite as quick as this one here so this is my finished earring we have that nice long hook tapers and then goes ahead and swirls around to a little ball and then I have a velvet Brown ten millimeter Swarovski crystal faux pearl at the end and it's just dangles very nicely so to make this you're going to need a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of cutters and I am going to use wire looping pliers but you could also use a round nose so we're gonna start by just taking our gold filled head pin and putting it through the pearl and having the pearl rest of the base where the wire exits the pearl we're just going to grab it and squeeze and that bends our shape for us it does some of the work on our behalf push down the wire so that it just comes to the side of the pearl rotate your pliers up to the top and pull that wire around so you've got your loop and now at this point we're just gonna grab that loop twist it around several times and trim it off and then it's always a good idea to just go back in and tuck your wire tail into your wrappings just an added a little touch and then for this to complete it it's so simple and still quick and easy just slide that little loop onto your earring hook and close it back up and you have a lovely little pair of gold filled Swarovski earrings so a nice gift item too if you are thinking of doing a gift this is a really nice quality gift item so have fun with these layer them bead weave with them wire wrap them hang crystals from UM hang pearls from them do whatever catches your fancy they're really fun they're super versatile and they're available at you

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