Show and Tell: Exclusive Beadaholique Designer Palettes featuring Miyuki Seed Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see beautiful design inspirations that use the Exclusive Beadaholique Designer Palettes of Miyuki Delica and Round Seed Beads. These palettes have been carefully selected to take the guess work out of choosing perfectly coordinated colors.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and today they are going to be featuring the miyuki delicas and the Miyuki rounds so I just kind of want to talk a little bit about why we've created these for you and the best way to show you is by pointing out a lot of the beautiful examples that we have here so I'm gonna start with this design here now this uses just peyote stitch and I created a trio of bracelets but what I really wanted to do was just bring together a lovely fall palette and show you one of the ways that you could utilize these beads now delicas at work wonderful for peyote because of their little design they sort of fit like nice little bricks as you can see on this particular design here so I wanted to create this nice little fall set here but I just want to point out the colors that are in here so you have a beautiful orange red pear and a lovely lovely green now as you'll kind of notice some of them have a little bit of a shine to them some of them have a little bit more of a matte and then some are full matte so what's really interesting is that this is the hardest thing to do is to try to pick your colors see how they're going to work together and really kind of figure out your design ahead of time and we understand that is really difficult sometimes when you're shopping online so what we wanted to do is take all the guesswork out of it so that you get perfectly paired of colors and then you can design whatever you like with it so we have designed pieces for each of our palettes just to kind of give you a little example of how we might want to use them so just to kind of continue on here I'm going to show you some of the other examples that we have for our palettes and again just sort of continuing with some peyote this is another beautiful palette and you can see that there are four lovely colors in there and this is a peyote ring and it's nice and flexible which makes it fun and easy to wear and then continuing on with some peyote here this is another example and I just love how the gunmetal and that rose and black and that white just looks so nice together because when you're pairing colors you always want to find the right shade of gunmetal or the right shade of pink so this actually is a really great example of that type of use and then the same with this this is a lovely peyote and this is actually an odd count that uses a lovely little tapering technique to create a nice seamless strip and a seamless design and then I have a couple of pieces up here and these use the rapid loom and there is actually a video showing you how to do this scalloped technique here but just to kind of you know give you a little bit of an idea you have these four beautiful colors now you could do a peyote but I love what our designer Rachel did here she did a lovely style here with just graduating those and again it's about finding the right Pink's to pair together and the right whites and the right golds you can see that this gold is very different than let's say the Christmas gold that I have down here so again it's just kind of figuring out which one might look best because that lighter gold might not look as good here but the bright one might not look as good there so it's just kind of playing with those and we've sort of done all that work here for you so just to continue I have a lovely brick stitch earring here this is a great example of using those four colors together and again this is very similar to my pink pattern up here or my pink palette up here that is going to use very similar toned colors so you have the blues and then the purples and Pink's but they play really nicely together in a design now we do have some classic ones up here we have your blue and gold your kind of nautical style and then we also have the whites the blacks the golds and the silvers now what's great about purchasing a palette like this is even if you don't use them all in the same design it's a great palette to have because it's sort of your neutrals so if you wanted to buy the palette you could use the black for a design or the white for a different design let's say you just needed some gold but you know you wanted to get some silver that would match and look nice as well but maybe you just want to do something that's just silver and gold and then something else that's black and white so it offers a lot of range of designs and now getting into the fun part over here we have some lovely Christmas pieces now this uses the mute iran's that i was speaking of this is a lovely loom piece with a nice beaded edging and then for the other Miyuki round piece we have a halloween loom piece and again it has that beautiful edging on it as well and then i have a christmas and this is a lovely two drop peyote with a beaded toggle clasp and we have a video showing you how to do the beaded toggle clasp so as well as the two drop peyote if you are interested in that type of design and then i just wanted to point out here so i was talking about creating two different bracelets with the palettes and for this palette you're actually going to get the orange the black the green and the purple and i wanted to create a set of bracelets that played with some negative space so that when you sort of put it all together it created a really fun little traditional style halloween color palette so just lots of fun things that you can do with that and then we also have some lovely candy corn palettes here and again you're just gonna get that black orange white and yellow and that'll kind of bring together your a little candy corn earring there and then the same with a very elegant christmas style and i love that these are paired with beautiful pearls just to really bring that out and it's just a lovely color palette but again you can see that there are matte shiny shiny and sort of semi matte so it just really offers a lot of opportunity to design and have fun and we just wanted to give our best examples of what you could do with these designer palettes but feel free to explore and have fun and if you check out you'll find even more designer palettes thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it be sure to hit the subscribe button below you

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