Show & Tell: Swarovski Crystal Innovations Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will see all the new beads, pearls, pendants, and fancy stones that are part of the Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2016 launch. You will also be able to see the new color, Blush Rose, as well as the new effects Crystal Metallic Sunshine and Crystal Light Chrome. This collection is extremely versatile and looks equally great with pastels as well as rich jewel tones like emerald, ruby, and sapphire.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with the PETA league website let me start with the new color and the new effect the new color is blush rose this is a wonderful soft hue I actually like to think of it as the lighter more spring version of Pantone color of the year which is Marsala which is a darker more burgundy tone but this is really nice and light and actually would fit well with the current trend of pastels as well it's going to go very well with a lot of different colors you can see we have it in a lot of the popular styles we have hearts bicones rondelle's rounds cubes different river leaves and shot ons a lot of different pieces are available in this color which you can then match with other colors consider pairing this with a denim blue crystal golden shadow a lot of colors are going to blend really beautifully with this color even black would be very dramatic or gold and blush rose is going to go really well with the new effect which is crystal metallic sunshine we're seeing a lot of yellow in fashion and this is really a beautiful way of capturing that yellow trend without going overboard without being too yellow if you've worked with yellow before you probably know what I'm talking about but this has a real wonderful gold shimmer to it so it's also capitalizing on the gold trend in jewelry and in fashion as well and it too comes in a wide variety of articles we've got round beads we've got pairs the skull bead which looks amazing in this effect Artemis and dome beads and what I want you to notice is the different cuts of the crystal really affect how this effect looks and so you can see sometimes it looks more yellow and sometimes it looks a little more orange or even more gold so I think that's really interesting how the effect plays with the light and the crystal and the shape those are the new color in effect so we've got blush rose and crystal metallics shine and then we also have one other new effect and it is Crystal Light chrome and it's a very limited release is actually only available in flat backs but we love them and to us they look like little studs which are just fantastic very rock and roll you can actually even make these look vintage if you paired them with black as well so we wish this effect was available in more articles but they are currently only available in flat backs but a lot of different things you could do with these either gluing them on to something or embedding them in crystal clay have fun with them we'll have projects coming out shortly showing you how to use that new effect so that's the new color blush rose the new effect with the wide release is crystal metallic shunt sunshine and in limited release we have Crystal Light chrome now on to the beads all the goodies to work into your designs the first one I want to show you is this little love bead and you can see it comes in a variety of red and pink shades as well as crystal crystal a bee and it comes in several sizes we have the large one which is 12 millimeters and the small one which is 8 millimeters and I want to show you it is top drilled so let me take a head pin you can see the orientation of the hole so how cute is that going to be just put on a head pin make a simple loop or a wrapped wire loop and then hang it on a bracelet as a charm or hang it from an earring really a very versatile item and easy to use we love this new piece is one of those that make us think well why don't we have this years ago it's going to be so easy to work with another very classic shape is an emerald cut crystal bead it too comes in several sizes we have the small one which is 14 millimeters long by nine point five millimeters wide and then we have the large one which is 18 millimeters by 12.5 show you on this one to the orientation of the hole very easy to use this is a very classic shape and these are so beautiful you can even use them just as a standalone item you just want to hang one on some beading wire or group them together to make a lovely statement piece and you can see they come in a variety of colors and just absolutely beautiful the other new shape is called a sew-on stone but don't let that scare you off because these you can definitely do more than just so on and they come in graduated sizes so we've got might be easier if I put this on the white you've got a small medium and large and I'm going to put them like this because you could actually make a fantastic pair of earrings just like that by connecting these with jump rings and their sizes are ten millimeters 12 millimeters and 14 millimeters you'll find these on our website listed under Rivoli square so on stone but definitely think of other ways that you can use them if you do want to sew em on of course bead embroidery would be a excellent use for these but consider making necklaces earrings bracelets by linking these together with jump rings or creating your own way of fastening them with some clever wire work so those are the new beads so in terms of the new pendants that we're seeing with this release they're both rooted in ancient symbolism which is a trend we're definitely seeing in jewelry right now and there's other pieces part that are part of this release as well that really do capture that spirit of having a piece of personalized jewelry something that really speaks to you that's very symbolic and the first piece I want to show you is the Greek cross this is a wonderful shape and its really iconic now in fashion but it really is rooted in history and it comes in three sizes we have the 14 the 18 and the 28 millimeter size and let me put those side-by-side so you can see the comparison so here we have the 14 this is what the 18 looks like and then we have the large one which is 28 so you might want to consider the large one for necklaces and then these of course would be great as earrings or as charms on bracelets however you want to use them of course let your creativity flow of it as an idea and they really do have a nice substantial weight to them the other new pendant as part of this release is the Buddha pendant it measures 28 millimeters long by 19.8 wide and you'll notice in the center is an intaglio like Buddha which is just beautiful I just want to hold up each one of these for the camera so you can see how beautiful those are I think it's important to be able to shift them because this really has a 3d look to it it is actually 3d how that is in there and these actually are a really good transition over to the fancy stones which are also very symbolic first off we have the four-leaf clover a symbol of good luck and these come in a variety of green shades as well as crystal and there are two sizes we have the 14 millimeter and the 19 millimeter now these are fancy stones so they do not have a hole in them and they do have it pointed back you can set these down into crystal clay or use them in your embroidery as well but they also come with settings that you can purchase separately I don't actually have any settings to show you in this video but I will be showing you in another video and the settings are actually beatable which is very exciting and they come in gold plate and rhodium plate and that's going to be true for the three different fantasy stones I'm going to be showing you here so we have the clover which is really wonderful and I love and then we also have the Buddha Buddha measures 18 tall by 15 point six millimeters wide at the widest point right down by his knees show you the different ones and then we have the Fatima hand which is based off the hamsa hand and it measures 18 tall by thirteen point seven wide again a variety of colors and different things you can do with these and we have some free projects already on the beadaholique website showing you how to incorporate these into your jewelry designs without that beatable setting but we will be showing you how to use them with the beautiful setting so that takes us through the new effects the new color the new pendants and the new stones and what I want to show you lastly are the crystal pastel pearls wonderful for spring we've already talked a little bit about how pastels are trending and these just really capture that trend perfectly if you're doing Easter jewelry you might also want to consider these they've got the pear-shaped bead which is really wonderful for Easter eggs but just the soft hues and the soft colors are really fantastic for spring they're very fresh they're very feminine they're light they're airy and they come in I have different colors so we've got crystal pastel green crystal pastel pink crystal pastel yellow crystal pastel gray and crystal pastel blue we have shut-ins we've got flat backs which are wonderfully rounded in this instance we have that pair of shaped which of course to me looks very Easter Iggy but you can of course use it for other projects as well and then we have the rounds in a variety of sizes and I think these look beautiful together try pairing that gray and yellow together or consider pairing it with the new color of blush rose look at the plush rose the high shine of the crystal with the matte of the pearl that's just a beautiful look a lot of different things you can do with these again very versatile that's one of my favourite things about this particular release I feel like the pieces are very easy to incorporate into a wide variety of jewelry designs and styles now you can find all of these along with free projects using them at you

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