Show and Tell: Lava Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will get an up close look at our Lava Beads. These lightweight beads come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors including a beautiful earth tone color mix as well as a bright color mix. They are the perfect beads for stringing and stacking.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and lightweight it also gives them a really nice organic feel now we have several different sizes here but just to show you the little bit of a difference like I was saying they're kind of organic so they're not perfectly round I actually think that kind of gives them a nice little texture and a sort of cool little boho chic kind of idea so let me go ahead and set those facedown and you can kind of see this is all from the same strands that I created a project here and I just used kind of a multi color I sort of picked the ones that I wanted and these are beautiful earth tone colors so I added in some antique pewter beads just to kind of bring that sort of global chic style home so that is the project that I created just a very simple strung necklace which these are perfect for and like I was saying they have really nice large hold so you can easily string them together so just to go over a couple of the different shapes that we have we have these really pretty like wafer shapes over here now these are really fun because I actually feel that you could do some really interesting wire wrapping over these guys and you'll get the full strand so you'll actually get a lot of beads when you purchase them so you'll have a lot of fun colors to work with and you can try to match them up if you wanted to create a pair of what say earrings or a set of jewelry so lots of fun here and I love the little wafer shape so we do have more rounds and this is just an example of the sizes and colors that we'll have so you can see how they vary differently but what's nice is that even on the smaller beads and I'll try to show you here the holes are still really nice and large so even though the bead is getting a little bit smaller you'll still be able to do some designs with the large hole so if you're worried about what you can string it on just be sure to check the listings for back sizes for all of that but you can actually mix and match these which creates a really neat little graduated feel so over here we have some of our not dyed love of these so these are going to be that natural black color which is just really just nice and fun and you can kind of mix this in with some of the colors to create a little dimension and a little interest now we have a couple over here and these are cubes now I do want to point out that these are actually synthetic so it's just these two varieties here and it's just so that we could get that beautiful cut of that cube so we do have black and we do have that earth tone mix as well and again you'll be getting this whole strand so you're actually beginning a lot of beads but I just wanted to point out to you that these two are synthetic but it's just so that you could create that really beautiful cut that the rest are just dyes a lot of beads so the left in that earth tone mix is these beautiful little stars and ICC's are so cute I can't wait to work with these ones and they have a nice little hole that's drilled from the five pointed star from the top going straight down to the center bottom there and again these are really nice and lightweight so you can wear these as earrings which is something that I always look forward trying to not put too much weight on to my ears now lastly we have some different colors here this is our bright mix and these are just really fun and funky so if you want something that's a little bit brighter go for the bright mix so love to do lots of ways to use these besides stringing wire wrapping I don't know if you can be read with these guys but there's a lot of fun things you can explore with the lava beads I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these and even more reading supplies at you

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