Show and Tell: Glass Garden Kits

SKU VID-0799
Designer: Julie Bean
Glass Garden Kits are beautiful jewelry making kits complete with all the supplies and instructions you need to make bead woven masterpieces. There are kits for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and all the kits come in a variety of color palettes.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with 'pls here which I'm going to show you because the color variations are really lovely the first time I'll show you the packaging so they all come beautifully packaged where you're going to get all the ingredients you need to make each design as well as the full instructions because of this packaging I think they would make a really great gift idea too without further ado I want to show you these samples cuz they're very pretty the first one is the de ballet bracelet and if you see on this one it's got a variety of beads and a button closure and then you just close it like so here's the different color combinations are pretty red a black several other combos as well you'll notice the buttons vary based upon the color and then we've got fringe earrings this is a really popular classic style of bead woven earring to see how pretty they look different colors to choose from over here we have the blooming crystals bracelet and as little bicones that have been made to look like flowers and I like this one because it you make a beaded bead as your button closure which is fun and the instructions in each kit is going to show you how to actually make these including that little button closure of course and how to assemble them and put them together this is the desert flower bracelet kit I think that one looks really pretty on the back side as well you'll see all that fringe over here we've got the jitterbug bracelet again really pretty followed by the tango bracelet and in this one because of the actual stitch it looks like these bees are actually woven together and interspersed overlapping each other and that's just the stitch itself which is really cool what's nice is the instructions are going to show you how to do this and gonna be able to take that knowledge and then work it into your other projects you're gonna be learning a lot when you purchase one of these kids these two necklaces are called the Coachella necklaces and you'll see they've got a little fringe that's been created by hanging wrapped wire loop bugle beads from the beads it's a really unique look I haven't seen before the mandala earrings pretty little earrings have been bead woven together of course the spinning-wheels necklaces a couple different colors and then the oh happy day necklace over here and I will pull all three of these out because they're really stunning and spectacular these are the Caterpillar bracelets and you know they get their name because they look like caterpillars and I'll call this fringe happening but look at the variety of beads that you get in these and then the back side is very nice and smooth so it's gonna be comfortable to wear and then the final bracelet kit I want to show you is one of my personal favorites this is called Gee's Bend cuff and to me it looks like an old vintage quilt which I just love and again is a nice button closure that you make yourself and it comes in a variety of colors as well you can find all these kits as well as all those color variations at you

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