Show and Tell: Exclusive Beadaholique Jewelry Kits - Holiday Edition

SKU VID-1405
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this show and tell video see all the holiday kits released this season by Beadaholique. These exclusive Beadaholique jewelry kits feature a loom bracelet duo kit, peyote bead woven bracelet, memory wire bracelet, fringe earrings, flat kumihimo bracelets, a strung pearl necklace, two cellini spiral bead woven bracelets, pinch bail earring sets, and a wrap it loom bracelet. To see how to make all of these kits, visit or watch the individual kit videos on our YouTube channel.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and we have all different types of techniques we have memory wire kumihimo bead weaving stringing loom work bunch of different options and I want to go ahead and show you each one of these and if you want to know how to make them we do have the full video on how to make each of these at both and on our YouTube channel so let's start over here so these are earring trios these are pinched bail earring trios and for the holidays we put wonderful sparkling Swarovski crystals and Swarovski pearls in them so with this kit you get three earrings and you get your choice of silver or gold and each feature two pairs of earrings with crystals and one with a beautiful white Saurav ski faux pearl and this is a great quick and easy project perfect for gifts because in one kit you can make three gifts up here I have our loom duo bracelet set and this one you're actually going to get all the ingredients to make both bracelets and here is a new pattern that we've come up with and this is a real pretty blue white and silver and you can buy this one in both the full kit which will provide you with the loom the needle everything you need to make this or the refill so if you've already bought one of our loom kits you can just get the beads and the findings to be able to make this particular set over here is the Kensington necklace this is something we released early in the year but we've added some extra punch to it by adding these beautiful crystals so we have a sparkly crystal clasp and these lovely rondelle's so a very nice have a wonderful time go out and party type necklace but still very elegant and this is a classic stringing technique where you see the graduated pearl design so this is one of our most complicated kits and this is great for someone who's looking for a challenge or really wants to dive into bead weaving this is the Shalini spiral and you can see that we've got this wonderful spiral happening and we have two new color versions of this we have the Christmas wreath as well as the New Year's Eve one and these are just beautiful pieces and wonderful examples of some bead weaving speaking of bead weaving we have the fireworks peyote bracelet I would wear this year-round I love the gold fireworks pattern set against the black and finished off with a tube clasp again don't forget that the full instructions on how to make these are in video form and you can find them again a beautifully calm and on our youtube channel so please check that out if you do want to see how to make these up here we have a beaded flat kumihimo bracelet set done in holiday red and gold so again it's a set of bracelets you're gonna get everything you need to make both of these again and a great gift idea or maybe you want to wear them together stacking bracelets are so popular here we have a malachite gemstone memory wire bracelet I thought the green was really festive and holiday paired with the gold this again is one of those two that you could wear year-round and we finished it off with a star charm you see these noodle beads wood beads metal beads and the pretty malachite gemstones as well over here we have a bracelet that I think is again holiday but I would wear this all winter with these beautiful green gold beads with that red cord and this guy here is the cotton wrapped loom bracelet it uses the wrap it loom this is one as well that you can buy the full kit or the refill and it has that really pretty button as well wrap it is a very fun technique to learn and a lot of possibilities of what you can do with it and finally we have our fringe earrings so we have a very traditional Christmas earring color palette right here and then more of a New Year's where your round palette right here with the black the silver and the crystal and what's nice about these as it teaches you three differ techniques really so this kid is going to teach you how to do ladder stitch to do this row of bugle beads brick stitch to create your triangle top and fringe to make the base of it so again our kids really do introduce you to a new technique if perhaps you've been wanting to try bead weaving are you going to try kumihimo it's a great introduction to it because there are the full instructions both in video and written form so it's a nice way of getting started so I hope you enjoy what we came up with for our holiday kit versions this year we sure had a lot of fun making them we would love to hear your feedback and your comments about them and we really hope you enjoy them either for yourself or for a gift thanks for watching everyone you

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