How to Make the Crescent Wire Wrapped Earrings - An Exclusive Beadaholique Kit designed by Becky Nunn

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to make the Crescent Wire Wrapped Earrings. This kit comes from Becky Nunn of Nunn Design. These sleek earrings are a great introduction to working with wire.
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Hi, this is Kat with of Nunn design so you're getting a lot of beautiful Nunn design components here so what you'll receive when you get your kit is you'll receive your two open frame hoops earring hooks you'll receive two kinds of chain we have the ball chain here and then we also have a faceted hammered chain here and then you'll also get your little coil of wire and that's all you need to complete this but for some tools you're gonna need some needlenose pliers and a flush cutter and I recommend having some wire straightening pliers on hand if you want but that's definitely not required I'll show you how to use those though so if you have all of your stuff ready I will start to begin so what I'm gonna do first is I'm going to take my little coil of wire here and just kind of uncoil at the ends here now you're gonna get thirty inches of wire and for each earring you're going to need 15 inches so you can either cut this in half or I'm actually just going to go ahead and measure mine out here so if you want you can use a ruler for this or like I said you're welcome to just simply cut it in half alright so I'm just gonna measure out my 15 inches use my flush cutters and snip off half all right I'm gonna set that one aside now if you want to use your wire straightening pliers go ahead and do so at this point I like to have just a little kind of kink to end because that usually gives me something to grip on to but I'm just gonna go ahead and just straighten that out a little bit you don't want to do that too much because you're gonna end up work hardening your wire here so in this video here I'm only gonna make one earring but it's obviously the same process to make the second one I'm just gonna get some of that out of the way so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start by wire wrapping my open frame here now you're gonna want to come down about a half an inch or so on from the loop there and it go ahead and take that straight edge of the wire and what you're gonna want to do and this is where I think you can use your needle nose pliers it's a neat little trick so you want to just kind of take about I'd say half an inch or so and just bend it and what you're gonna do there is you're gonna create a little space for that to live so that you're actually wire wrapping over that that way you won't have any of those little tiny there to snag anything that you might be wearing all right so I'm just gonna hold it with my fingers just like so and sort of wrap going around towards the back you can wrap whichever way you like just stay consistent and I'm gonna wrap just four times there we go and you want your coils to be nice and tight but don't worry just yet I'll show you how to kind of tighten them up here in just a second and you're just gonna slip and do one more there we go and make sure that they are working their way down towards the center all right just kind of get my wire out of the way there there we go so now you can just sort of take your pliers and just sort of bring those little coils nice together you can give them a couple little squeezes there there you go and now because I don't want to cut myself on that wire I'm just gonna use my pliers here bend it away from the piece and come in with my flush cutters and just snip that off there we go and now you can just kind of work it so that it is covered all right so now I'm gonna wrap around and I'm gonna come towards the outside here and you can see just working it with my fingers I was a little kinked so I'm just gonna take my straighteners and just straighten it just a little bit for myself alright so now we're gonna start to wrap that ball chain around the edge there and what you're gonna need to count off is you're gonna need 20 of these little balls alright so I'm just going to count off and then snip it with my flush cutters so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 and 20 so I'm gonna go into the next one there and just snip that off all right and I have a little extra piece here so I'm just gonna take those flush cutters and just trim just a little bit there we go so there is my length of 20 balls as you can see you get plenty so don't worry if you kind of want to add more or less you can always do that but I'm just showing you sort of the traditional way I'll be talking you through a couple of ways where you can sort of alternate this as you go so take your ball chain and you're gonna set that first ball across the way there and what you're gonna do is you're gonna be wire wrapping in those little spaces in between those balls right there so go ahead and just wrap around and you're gonna go around the back and this is where you want to pull a little snug and just make sure that especially this first one is nice and tight and then you're just gonna repeat and go right through that second gap right there now as you're going around you're gonna want it to line up nice and flush with the open frame here so take your time with this so just go up and around and the back and sort of lay it across the front and just sort of move it to the back there so you want to have nice even wraps as you go all the way around and you're just gonna do this for all 20 of the balls there and you can see that I'm gonna end up nicely on the other side all right yeah let's just continue here and wrapping around and every couple just make sure that you're kind of getting that nice little edge there and continue to wrap and this is 24 gauge wires so you're getting a nice thick wire so it'll show up really nicely but it is nice to work with as well so you're getting a nice little nice little wrap alright so just continue to wrap your Falls here and it looks like I'm getting a little off so what I'm gonna do is just kind of take the whole piece and just kind of bend my wire back just a little bit with those pliers also this helps to kind of I'm just squeezing ever so gently to get those nice wraps looking looking perfect alright so let's continue and I have just a few more here and what's really nice about this ball chain is you just keep following so all of your wire wraps are just sort of naturally nice and evenly spaced so this is great if you've wanted to try some wire wrapping but haven't been quite sure so all right so now you can see that I've wrapped the last wrap there now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to wrap and follow the same as I did on this side but I'm gonna want to leave a little bit of a gap because I'm gonna want to tuck my wire in there so don't wrap these ones too tightly so you're just gonna want to kind of wrap around and have it be just a little loose on the front and again just ever so slightly loose alright and there is my third one there all right so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come around and I'm actually gonna trim my wire just a little bit here because what I want to do is now to try to tuck it down in there so I'm just gonna kind of take my pliers here and sort of just thread it down into the wire now this can be a little finicky of course it knows I just said that - it can be a little bit finicky trying to get it it down in there so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna kind of uncoil just that top one there maybe I didn't give myself just enough room now alternatively you're more than welcome to just sort of trim it as you might normally with this but I want to get mine in there to leave that nice little gap all right and this might be the hardest part of the whole thing so if you can't get this don't worry I'm clearly struggling just a little bit there we go so now I just want to get my wire down in there and sort of pull it through now I'm just gonna take my flush cutters and get in there and trim that last little piece of wire off there we go alright so just be patient like I said especially if this is your first time kind of wire wrapping don't don't go too crazy you know you don't want to Mar your wire or anything like that alright so now we have our nice little wire wrapped piece so there you go so you want that nice even wrap around the side there and at this point you can kind of move it around with your fingers if you want or you can use those pliers but that is the first step that we're gonna create here all right and as you can see just by looking at my earrings that I finished up here they're nice and long and dangly so I'm gonna show you a couple of different little options and little tricks to alternate and see how far you want those really to hang down okay so now we're ready to attach the chain to our finish wire wrapped piece and as you can see this is the chain that we're using and I opened up and I have a 16 length chain here so I have 16 links here so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and 16 alright so now what I'm gonna need to do is take this little piece of chain here and I need to count until I get to the tenth link so I need one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten so I'm gonna go ahead and slip my pliers in there and pick up that ten tenth link now what I want to do is just hold it in my pliers here take a secondary pair of pliers and just open it just like a little jump ring and you can see that there's two different sides there so what I need to do is just I'm gonna remove it from the length that has nine links on it so that was sort of the first one and I'm just going to replace it by putting it down one link just like so and just make sure it kind of sits in there there we go and just close that back up all right so now you should have a little piece of chain here it looks like a little wishbone so you're gonna have one link here and this is gonna be sort of your top link and then I have two sides with 11 or I'm sorry with seven links on them so let me just double check and count here that I have one two three four five six seven that's good and on this side I have one two three four five six seven perfect alright so to one side here I'm just gonna pick up that last link open it up and I'm gonna slip it through one hole of my loop here and just sort of close that up by twisting gently you just wanna make sure you get a nice flush little closure there alright and now I'm just gonna move to the other side here and you want to make sure that your chain isn't twisted at all so I'm just gonna kind of hold it up here there we go there we go as I get a untwist for me there we go oh you know what I did twist it on that first side so let me just take that off and this is good to know before you even bother to add the earring finding at the very top there is a proper way to do this there we go so just flip it to the other side now I know that doesn't seem like much but it should it twist that wire all right there we go so now we are all set to attach our second side here again just opening up that link sliding it onto our loop and closing it all right there we go and the very last step there is to open up your earring finding now you can just press gently to sort of twist and you're gonna slip that last link at the very top up and over and close that loop and now your earring is all completed now one thing that you could do if you wanted to add a little length to this because you're gonna have that extra chain is you can add more links that go up and up and up so I'll just show you how to do that really quick because I think it's kind of fun I love big dangly earrings myself and that's what makes this kits so unique is that you can actually just add a link at a time so I'm just gonna again just sort of open up that ear wire and slip it off and I'm gonna add one more link just to that very top one there just I want just a little extra alright and now just slip that ear wire back on and you're all done so really nice little neat thing and you can also personalize it by adding or subtracting lengths as you wish so it's a great little earring project and this is the Crescent wire wrapped earrings designed by becky nunn of nunn design so thank you Becky for designing this beautiful kit for beadaholique you can find this kit and even more beautifully kits at you

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