Show and Tell: Czech Glass Tango Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this show and tell video you will learn about a the triangle shaped Czech Glass Tango Beads. These little triangles have two holes that run up the side of the bead. These beads are filled with tons possibilities from stringing to bead weaving. Let your imagination get geometric!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with beads and we do have other triangle beads that are to hold as well but these are a little bit different so I just wanted to kind of start by showing you the initial shape these are about four by eight millimeters and the holes are drilled you'll have two on the bottom and then they come up through the side there so they actually kind of fit a little bit together as you can see in one of our examples here this is the city of Carthage bracelet designed by myself Kat Sylvia so this is just that sort of beautiful bead woven kind of idea and it fits together and just sort of shimmers and these are both at the frosted I have the gold and the olivine right here and I just want to show you another quick example about how these holes are drilled so here's a clear version of this bead and it just kind of shows you how you'll have one longer and one shorter there so to give you an example of some of the colors that we have I have just a little sample here laid out we have a few opaque colors we also have these sort of frosted or pearlized colors we do have those metallic colors that are really great they almost look like metal we have that Picasso finish in a few different versions we have a vitriol which has that front side that is that green or purple shimmer and then on the back side you'll see that it has that slightly more clear path where you'll see where that thread or head pin will go and then we also have some other ones that are just a little bit more clear that have just that nice shimmer to them so moving up here we have all of our beautiful purples and greens we also have some whites and a really nice pretty beige actually and then we have our blues a few more purple and one of my favorites is we have the tighten the silver together and then we also of course have that bright orange color for our fans of braid braid colors so there you have it these are the Czech glass Tango beads there are two whole triangle beads and again they're about 4 to 8 millimeters and I hope you enjoyed working with them they'll look great in bead weaving and you can also get really creative with them with your stringing you can find all of these at you

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