Show and Tell: Colorful Thread and Wire Tools from Beadalon

SKU VID-1285
Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you'll see an overview of two tools for making wire rings, including an adjustable ring jig, along with a variety of colors of Wildfire thread for bead weaving and Nymo assortment packs in complementary colors - all from Beadalon.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique want to show you some colorful threads and wire tools for beadalon i'll start with my favorite this is the adjustable range --it and as you can see it has two different sizes and you can make adjustable ring similar to the expandable charm bangles that you see so here are some examples that i've made and as you can see it's just an adjustable ring and you can do it without beads or with beads and it creates just a nice pretty very quick to make ring and the great thing about this is that since they're adjustable they'll fit many different finger sizes so this is a great tool for giving gifts because you can make something that will fit everyone on your list you also have another ring tool here this is the ring weaver and with this jig you can leave your wire and make woven wire rings which is really cool as for thread we have an expanded collection of wildfire here and this thread is great for bead weaving and it comes in lots of different colors so we have black we have green and this is a really muted army green very pretty color we have gray you have a really nice bright red a pretty blue and we have white and these threads come in 0.008 inches and point oh six inches in width so great for different sized beads in your bead weaving we also have some new assortment packs of my mo thread and these come in really beautiful colors so we have some dark gem tones and light gem tones we have a pack of earth tones and this assortment is Beach tones which is really great for summer and we also have some classic black and white and all of these are size D Nimmo but up here we have an assortment of white thread in four different sizes so great for different types of bead embroidery weaving loom weaving lots of different uses then we also have some new needles this is elastic cord needle and this is a very interesting needle this will help you plan out your strong beating projects so if you take a look on the back this is what it will look like you can basically string all of your beads onto this needle and then just slide them onto your thread so it's a very cool tool and then less than not least we have a few more needles here these are hard beating needles and their size 13 and you get ten of them in this pack so lots to choose from here you can find all of these supplies at thanks for watching you

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