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Hi, this is Kat with and these aren't beads so there's no holes in them so that makes it actually very perfect to place into setting so I'm going to start by showing you the different sizes so I want to draw your attention down here and just let you know we have size this is an 18 millimeter a 16 a 14 and a 12 so I just want to kind of bring them all out so you could see in the same color just how different the sizes are now we do have a lot of findings that are made especially for the 14 in the 12 but these are also really great for bead weaving and we have a video for showing you how to bead weave a little stitch around the Rivoli so definitely explore the fun large sizes for that I think you'll really be pleased with the result and then I pulled out a little selection here and this is just a couple of different sizes but I want to show you the true variety of colors this is just sort of the greens and a couple you know a little bit of that teal we have this beautiful green here it's like a nice olive green and that is the Pantone color of the year if you're trying to match that to something I call that the closest that we have to the greenery but I do want to point out something else when you look at the Rivoli there will be one side that will have a point and if you flip it over there is one side that has that point and it looks like it's just been shaved off ever so slightly so I would consider this side where there's no point to have it be the back so if you're looking to place it into a setting or to have it face forward as not back and forth I will use that pointed side as the side that is the front that way you'll get those beautiful facets and you can kind of see that kind of move around that Rivoli so just to kind of show you some beautiful colors we have some great oranges and yellows and like I was saying there's some bead weaving options here you could make this the center of a beautiful bead woven flower I think that would be gorgeous we have some blues and reds and we have all the different sizes here and they kind of just look like candy buttons which is just really fun so be sure to check that out and I made a couple of projects here this is a Nunn design bezel ring and the Rivoli fist is very easily inside of it and then I made a pair of earrings and again this is another setting that we have so you can just pop your favorite color Rivoli in there and I just added some tassels to the bottom just for a little sway and a little fun so really easy to add a pop of color to your jewelry using the czech glass youtube or italy's I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and more at and if you enjoyed this video please subscribe to our youtube channel by clicking the link below you

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