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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com Dells and they come in two different sizes so we've got the eight by six millimeter so eight across six wide and then we have the smaller size which is six by four so six across and four deep these do catch the light beautifully and they're just a great staple to have in your jewelry box so if you're making a project and you want to be able to put a lot of really pretty sparkly beads on it these are great for that they're not very expensive but they are lovely and they are glass and they're just really beautiful rondelle's I do want to just show you a couple of the colors in particular just because they might not associate their color with their name obviously this is purple this is pink and so forth I've got two colors here that are kind of on the gray palette the lighter one is called shadow and the one that has a little bit more almost of a blue tinge we're calling slate gray and the other color I just want to show you the difference of because there's two different greens you've got a lime green which is a little bit more citrusy and then you have the Jade green you can see the difference between those two but you do a lot of really pretty color combos like I love the coral and the jade green together I think that's a really pretty vintage combination you know me I love my vintage but you got this really really pretty pale pink which looks lovely with the shadow would look great with this light gray you can mix and match but these are all available on the beadaholique website they're Chinese glass and they're faceted and they're all rondell and shape and we do have that larger size which is 8 by 6 and the smaller size which is 6 by 4 you can find these and a whole bunch of other beading supplies at beadaholique.com you

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