Show and Tell Lindstrom RX Professional Deluxe Plier Kit

SKU VID-0689
Designer: Julie Bean
The Lindstrom company has been creating precision tools for over 150 years. During that time they have refined the process and built a reputation as one of the finest crafters of high quality tools on the market today. The jewelry making tools in this kit are ones that you will treasure for years to come. They include: flat nose duckbill pliers, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, and a pair of flush cutters.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and treat yourself i want to open it up and show you what's included this is the Lindstrom rx Professional Series and it is gorgeous it is not inexpensive so this is definitely something you work up to and if you are a person who does a lot of jewelry making and really want a fantastic tool set this is what you might want to consider Lindstrom started making tools in 1856 they've been around a very long time and they're known for their precision quality tools so these are really fine instruments to create jewelry making so in this kit you're going to get four different pliers so the first one I want to show you is the chain nose so what we have here is what Lindstrom calls their bio spring this is something that is exclusive to Lindstrom and then it allows you to adjust the tension and the width of the plier opening so there's three little notches and you're gonna pick which one you want to put this spring in you press it in and that creates the tension which is going to reduce fatigue on your hands and also just make it easier to make jewelry so there's the top one and then if you want to adjust it you just take it out there's the middle one you can see it's opened a little bit wider and does create a little clicking sound so you know it's in place and if you take it out I'm gonna put it in the last one and you can see it's even wider these also have organic handles they use the term micro touch to describe the actual feel of the handles they're very soft they're not what I would call felted but they are soft and they do have a little bit of give to them which is very nice when you're using them especially if you're doing a lot of work you'll see the nice pointed tip of the chain nose pliers so that's one pair of pliers you get in this collection you're also going to get a lovely pair of flush cutters very nice very sharp a flat nose duckbill plier which is a really nice size sometimes duck bills are quite large I like that this one is a bit more on the petite side but still has that nice flat edge to it you can see nice and flat in uniform and then finally you're going to get a pair of round nose pliers which taper to a really nice fine point all of these have the bio spring so you're going to be able to adjust them to your comfort level and they all really are meant to last a lifetime these type of tools are the ones that you invest in and you keep and you take good care of you don't go ahead and use these for your household projects keep these for your jewelry making they're really a set you're going to treasure so again this is the Lindstrom rx professional series you can find it at and then if you are just perhaps interested in one of these pliers versus buying it in the entire set we also sell the pliers individually as well but the set is quite lovely MSA you

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