Show & Tell: Lindstrom RX Pro Series

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this show & tell video, see all the tools available from Lindstrom in the RX Pro Series. These high quality tools are of exceptional quality, feature the exclusive Biospring which helps to reduce hand fatigue, and have ergonomic Micro-Touch handles. Personally, I love working with these precision tools.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with i an inexpensive set which is wonderful we all started with just a set that's ten dollars for a pair of cutters of a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of chain nose pliers which you can find on but if you've been making jewelry for a while and you do it perhaps professionally or it's something that you do quite frequently you're going to want to invest in a really nice pair of pliers and a nice pair of cutters and that is what these are these are lindstrom brand you'll see they're branded right here they also have the Lindstrom part number on them and these are a very high quality plier they're not inexpensive but they really are amazing they are perfect for precision work which is what you're going to be doing with jewelry making and they have been around for over 150 years so you know they've been doing this a really long time making really high quality products so enough about the background I want to show you what we have to offer again this is the Professional Series it's the RX pro series you'll see that the handles on this entire series are blue and black and they have the micro touch handles which are these really nice soft handles but they also allow you to grip very nicely without skidding and what you'll notice as the most distinctive design feature is the bio spring right here and this is on all of the different pliers and what this does is is attached to one end and then you've got three notches on the other side of the plier and you're going to put this in one of those three notches whichever one is most comfortable for you and then that sets the tension and the range that the plier will open the same with cutters I'm saying plier but I'm oh so all this applies to the cutters as well by being able to set the tension like that it's going to help to reduce your hand fatigue if you're doing a lot of jewelry making it is really nice to be able to adjust that tension let me show you again how easy that is that was in the top one I put it in the bottom one you can see the pliers are quite a bit further open and sometimes you'll hear a little bit of a clicking sound so that you know it's in there correctly so the first plier I want to show you is the flat nose plier you can see is a really nice pretty narrow flat nose completely flat on both sides great for gripping wire holding it in place all of the material for the actual pliers is high-performance alloy steel you see these are made in Spain this here is the flat nose again then we have a nice round nose a really nice tapered head you see it gets to be quite narrow which is great if you're making a lot of simple wire loops wrapped wire loops you want them to be of various sizes then we have three different cutters on the surface they look very similar I want to talk to you a little bit about their differences so the first two is the flush cutter and the ultra flush cutter you'll see these on our website so the ultra flush cutter is this one here our product number 4 it is --xtl five five to seven I don't usually talk about that in a video but just to reduce confusion I want to help you the lindstrom part number on this is eight one four two so the ultra flush cutter can cut up to 18 gauge wire you'll see it's got that nice small oval head and then the flush cutter looks very similar but it can cut up to 16 gauge wire so if you're doing projects with heavier gauge wire and that's what your passion is you'd want to get the flush cutter which is XTL five five to six and corresponds to part number rx880008 one four five and our part number on this is --xtl five five to eight I know that's a lot of technical information but if you are building your collection and you want to make sure you get the right cutter are three different cutters we offer they all have the bio spring and they all have the micro touch handles and the final two new pliers that we have is the chain nose and the long chain nose I'm going to show you the difference so this one comes - this one's a little bit narrower in the body compared to this one just a little bit wider and it just comes to a really nice clean the point so we have the chain nose and the long chain nose so you can find all of these along with a wide range of other pliers in all different price ranges in all different styles at you

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