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Hi, this is Julie Beadaholique.com and I have another show & tell video and this show & tell is our new range of these wonderful metallic finished hematite beads. If you're familiar with hematite beads you know that they're actually quite heavy. They have a nice weight to them not so heavy that you can't use them in jewelry but they really do add some nice balance to your designs I have a little pair of earrings set our designer Karlin quickly put together she just put one of these ones with this wonderful rainbow finish onto a eye pin, hung a little a brass bee from it and hung it from a kidney earring hook. Just one example of what you can do with them but I do want to show you the beads themselves because they're very pretty so we have new heart shapes, you can see the wonderful color range here and then we also have just the solid metallic purple then we have little rounds that are four millimeters in a variety of finishes including matte. This is really a nice interesting contrast in color because you compare the matte with a wonderful bright shiny metallic gold and you'll end up with a really interesting look we also have six millimeter rounds right here and these are smooth rounds I do want to emphasize what nice quality beads these are and again we have them in several different colors as well the matte we also have 8 millimeters. So 4, 6, 8 millimeter rounds and then we also have the faceted versions as well. It's nice to see the contrast between the faceted version and the round each is going to be a very different look for you and I have a couple that are actually off the strand. They've got some nice large uniform holes which is perfect if you're going to do anything with cord in these if you want to do some macrame knotting with some S-Lon cord in addition to stringing these and then finallyI have these wonderful a cylindric tube shaped ones as well in the matte finish as well. These are really nice and something very unique. You don't see these to often. So this is the range of our colorful new hematite beads which have these great metallic shiny finishes as well as the matte. You can find these as well as project ideas for them at Beadaholique.com Go to www.beadaholique.com to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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