Rubber Stamped Jewelry Design Ideas by Becky Nunn

SKU VID-1072
Designer: Becky Nunn
Skill Level: Any Level
Becky Nunn shares a variety of bracelet and necklace designs using her technique of setting 2 part epoxy clay into a bezel, rubber stamping on top of it, and then pouring a layer of tinted resin over the surface. Please check out the other videos Becky Nunn has done for Beadaholique showing how to create this effect.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is becky nunn with nunn design here in the studios at beadaholique you can rubber stamp on epoxy clay and colorize with a clear resin that's been tinted with yellow and blue to create this teal light look that we're seeing in several of these pieces but with that same technique that we showed in this video I'd like to show you some other ways that you can create these pieces here use a black crystal clay with white ink versus a white crystal clay with black ink giving it a totally different look same technique the difference here is that we didn't colorize the resin we just put a clear over the top here it is in a silver design here's a fun look in a gold design here's another one it's a little bit more contemporary and in this sample over here there's no ink and there is no colorized resin and you can see that this piece has a totally different look same technique here's an example of using it where it's rubber stamped there is a video showing how to do a sculpted relief and here you can just text your eyes like here with no ink and pour a colorized resin so again one simple technique as you're learning here multiple variations to create totally different looks that's the beauty of Nunn design thank you for joining me even though I'm kind of boastful in this one this is becky nunn at beadaholique you

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