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Hi, this is Kat with and but they have a really concave back but I wanted to turn them into an earring so I found another use for the silicone molding putty which is what I have here and what I wanted to achieve is this sort of a look with keeping a nice flat back with some resin now what I wanted to do was take this glue in earring back and glue it in there and I notice that even once I did that there was still a little bit of a concave nough so I just wanted to kind of cover up a little bit of that messiness on the back and create just a colored back to that earring so that it was a little bit more comfortable to wear but as you can see as it sort of spins around here there's no way that I could have poured my resin in there without it getting all over the place so I used my two-part molding putty and I created this little stand so that I could actually just pop it right in there and I could smush it around and kind of look down at the table level to see that it was nice and level and that way I could pour my resin without harming any part of the earring because I was using the molding putty so this was a great little quick tip that I found and I also have used this a couple of different times to help with molding and standing up some other pieces that might have been a little rocky err on the sides and the edges because anything that you do in this molding putty you just pop it right out and what's great is that if you're using this to make multiples this piece you can use again and again so this will stay nice and taut for you to use in many of your pieces so I hope you enjoyed this quick tip you can find more and all of these supplies at you

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