Quick Tip: How to Tie Off Threads in Bead Embroidery

SKU VID-1369
Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video you'll see how to knot your Nymo tightly against the back of your beading foundation when you're finishing off a thread in bead embroidery. This technique will ensure your stitching won't come loose.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique to tie off your threads in bead embroidery so this is the back of a bead embroidery piece and I have just finished stitching on my beads so now I want to knot and cut off my excess naima thread and what you want to do is get your knot really close to the back of your beading foundation in this case I'm using Lacy's stiff stuff so I'm going to show you my little tip for making very tight knots so first I'm just going to take my needle off the thread and I'm going to bring the thread around pull it through the loop and now I'm going to grab the top of this loop and just sort of roll the thread down toward the back of the beading foundation hold it in place with my pointer and pull tight and now if you can see I just made a knot very close to the back of that beading foundation so I want to make that a double or triple knot just to make sure the thread doesn't pull through the beading foundation so I'm gonna do that again make a loop pull the thread through grab the top of the loop and just roll it down and at this point I want that new loop to cut the knot we just made so I'm gonna roll it down until I feel it around that knot and pull it tight I'll do that one more time make it a triple knot extra strong putting the thread around and through the loop grab the top of the loop bring it down and pull and now I have a very strong knot that's right up against the back of my beading foundation so I'll just cut off the rest of the thread and I'm ready to move on with finishing up my beading embroidery and we have other videos showing you how to do that you can find all of these supplies at beadaholique.com thanks watching you

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