How to Embroider Pom Poms onto Cotton Cord Using Blanket Stitch

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video you'll learn how to use blanket stitch to sew pom poms onto flat cotton cord to make jewelry. This easy embroidery stitch allows you to edge fabric pieces with colorful pom poms, mimicking the look of pom pom fringe and bringing whimsy and texture to your jewelry.
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique how to embroider pom-poms onto cotton cord using blanket stitch pom-poms add a really colorful whimsical very textural element to your jewelry because they are bright and fun and they're very soft and fuzzy so they're lots of fun to incorporate and one way to integrate pom pom since your jewelry pieces is by using an embroidery stitch called blanket stitch which is often used to edge blankets so you can achieve this effect in a couple of ways this is a choker I made and in this choker I just took some flat cotton cord and embroidered one row of pom-poms onto the bottom so you can edge just one end of your cotton cord and in this bracelet I did two rows of pom-poms onto either side of this cotton cord so it's a really eye catching fun piece and I just added some cord ends in a clasp to the end and that's how I finished this piece so I'm going to show you how to do this stitch and to do this you'll need some flat cotton cord I have a couple examples here so this is 10 millimeter flat cotton cord and this is five millimeter and they come in lots of really fun colors and I'm going to demonstrate just using a scrap from this choker that I made and you'll also need some naima threads so I have some 9mo here in purple and you'll need a needle this is a size 10 short embroidery needle then you'll need some thread snips or scissors and some flush cutters to cut your cord so let's get started the first thing is you want to get your cotton cord the length that you want it so if I'm going to make a bracelet I would probably want it to be about this long so I'm just going to take my flush cutters and cut that cord and now you're going to cut a length of Naimah and I would say for one side of a bracelet maybe about two feet will do it and now thread your needle this is always the trickiest part for me and on the other end of your name oh you want to make a secure knot so I'm just going to make a triple knot and I want to get it very close to the end of the nylon and you're going to hide this knot on the backside of your bracelet or necklace or whatever piece you're making so that knot will be nice and hidden okay so once your knot is in place take your needle and find where you want to begin embroidering on your cotton cord and then just poke your needle from front sorry from back to front through your cord and now you're going to make your first blanket stitch so going in the same direction poke your needle again from back to front through your cord and you're going to create a little loop and now what you want to do is poke your needle from front to back through that loop push your needle backwards through the loop you just made in the opposite direction then you're going to be embroidering and that's your first stitch so now we're going to start embroidering the pom poms onto the cord so I'm just going to take a a purple pom pom here and string it onto my needle it's really easy to string them they're so soft and there's a little bit of a hard core in the center of them and if you can get your needle through that that's a very secure way to sew these on so slide your pom pom down to your cotton cord and I'm just going to make my second stitch about one pompoms width away because I want to give it room to lay against the edge of the cotton cord so so from back to front caught on my skirt snip so from back to front and just like before you're going to have a loop and what you want to do is so backward through that loop and pull tight and now your pom pom is laying against the edge of your cord so now I'm going to do a stitch without a pom pom just to create some space between the pom poms as I edge this piece of cord so sewing through the cord pushing my needle backward in the opposite direction that I'm embroidering through that loop pull tight and that's a stitch without a pom pom so now I'm going to add another pom pom same way I did before just string it down to the cotton cord so from back to front through the cord push my needle backward through that loop of my mouth red and pull now I'm going to do this down the length of this cord just edging the cord with purple pom poms or you can use any color you like you can vary the colors like I did in this bracelet here you can match the colors to your cotton cord you can create more space between your pom poms by doing more stitches in between without pom-poms lots of different options so go ahead and finish your stitching and then I'll show you how to end this stitch I'm about to add my last pom pom and as you can see I ended up going with a purple and lime green color scheme and as soon as this one's on I'll show you how to finish off your thread so again sliding it down sewing through from back to front through my cotton cord pushing backwards through the loop and pulling tight okay and here it's really easy once you make your last stitch just sew from front to back through your cotton cord get your thread coming out of the back of the cord here you're just going to make a knot very close to your cotton cord to tie off your thread so just slide that knot down as close as you can get it to your cord and just for security sake I'm going to make that a double or even a triple knot make sure if you're going to double knot it to capture your original not really just pin it down against your cotton cord to get that knot really close and secure and then once you've knotted it take your thread snips or scissors and just cut off the excess Milo thread and that is how to use blanket stitch to attach pom-poms to cord for jewelry you can find all of these supplies at thanks so much for watching you

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