How to Attach Rose Montees to Lacy's Stiff Stuff for Bead Embroidery

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video you will learn how to sew on rose montees to Lacy's Stiff Stuff for bead embroidery. This is a simple technique to add sparkle to your embroidered designs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with for bead embroidery now if you're not familiar with a Rosemont II let me start by showing you exactly what it is now I have two different sizes here and I brought out two big sizes just so I could really demonstrate this you could see that crosshatch on the back but if you look at the front it looks like a really beautiful set rhinestone and on the back you have two channels going crisscross so that you can sew through them and this is great for bead weaving and like I'm going to show you here bead embroidery so I have a little example up here I made a little pendant and this shows how I sort of put together two different sizes and colors into one nice little cute pendant and I'm going to show you exactly how I sewed those on to the lacy stiff stuff in this video so to demonstrate this I'm going to be using a size twelve beading needle and I have a really bright crimson Nilo here so that you can see it nice and easily I have a little piece of my Lacy's stiff stuff and that is all you'll need to kind of get started on something like this so I'm just going to go ahead and like I said I have it strung onto my needle and I'm going to move towards the end here and I'm going to do a couple of overhand knots because I want to have a nice little knot to catch my thread lift so just going to kind of double map out all right there we go so to start you're just going to take your stiff stuff and you're going to come from the back to the point where you want to start and since fur I'm just demonstrating this for just our purposes here I don't need to really be too careful of where I'm putting it so I have my knot that is caught on the back and on the front I have my thread coming through now all I'm going to do is pick up one of my rows Monte's and you can see it just goes straight through there and string that all the way down and now what your want to be careful of is to place it where you want it on your stiff stuff kind of eyeball it there and you just kind of want to scooch it down so it's nice and flush you can sort of see the red thread coming out that side and sort of hold it with your finger so that you know exactly where to sew down and through there we go so we have our first pass done so we're coming out across the way there alright so to repeat that you're going to now sort of rotate and you're going to put your needle so it's coming up nice and flush right next to the next hole Criss crossing across the Rosemont to you and put your thread through and get your needle going all the way through there and I'm just going to kind of rotate this in my hand so if you just want to follow along so now I need to sew down right next to where that opening is so that I get it nice and tight and there you go so now if you look at the back of my reading you can see that it kind of went up and across and then I'm coming out down here now the great thing is that if you want to add another rose Monty I came out this hole here so if I wanted to add another one directly across from here what I'd want to do is sort of put my rose monty across and what you're going to want to work on arranging is where those prongs come up now you can rotate them so they're off-center if you want that look or if they're flush and hopefully you can kind of see where that is happening so if you want prong two prong on the outside there or if you want something on the inside so it just depends on the look that you're going for let's say I wanted to do something that was closer to this so I'm just going to kind of hold it where I want it to be and now I'm going to find a hole and where that is they're making sure that your needle gets right where it needs to be and you want to get it right up close to the setting just kind of rotate that there we go and sometimes there we go you just got to poke around a little bit so I'm going up and through and across and without letting go I'm just going to go right into it and just go right down there we go so you can see that my Rosemont II is sort of sitting right there and let me just finish this one off here by getting it go I'm doing that last pass across the way now I will say that if you want to sort of place your Rosemont ease onto your stiff stuff you could try to use a little dab of glue onto the back of them but I do recommend sort of sewing them on one at a time that way you're always sure that you can kind of adjust as you go so that is what the back of your bead embroidery will look like and this is the front so you can just sew on those rows Monte's and kind of create beautiful little designs they're really fun and we have a lot of beautiful inspiring colors in Swarovski crystals so definitely and be sure to check that out as well you can find all of these supplies and more tutorial videos at you

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